REVIEW: Doritos POWER (aka JACKED) – BBQ Wings

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Doritos Power - BBQ Wing“By the Power of Doritos…We have the Power!”  If any of you out there caught that reference, then we are definitely part of the same club!  If not, please disregard our foolery and push forward. So, what the heck are Doritos POWER?!  Actually, upon one quick glance it is fairly obvious that these chips are Chile’s version of the JACKED line from US’s Doritos.  The bag indicates that the Doritos POWER are: Grande = large, Intenso = intense, and Crocante = crunchy!  Which we are guessing was the closest translation to Doritos JACKED’s saying of: Bigger. Bolder. Thicker.

Despite our respect for many of the new flavors released upon the JACKED line of Doritos (remember the TEST FLAVORS?!?), for the most part we have always struggled with their texture and structure.  Doritos JACKED are indeed – BIGGER – BOLDER & THICKER, and while we have absolutely no problemo with the bolder seasoning aspect (bolder of course equaling more flavor); we simply can’t get passed the chips themselves.  They just seem too big, and their texture is so thick that they no longer encompass that perfect Doritos light, crispy crunch that we all know and love.  Despite all that, we are always excited when we spot any new Doritos chips, especially when they are from another country!

OK, we take it back!  So, remember how we mentioned that we are not fans of the Doritos JACKED tortilla chips, well, let’s just say we really, really do not like Doritos POWER tortilla chips!!  First of all, if these the the larger and more crunchy version of Chilean Doritos we cannot begin to imagine how thin and un-crispy their traditional Doritos are.  The Doritos POWER chips were not very thick at all, imagine pressed and rolled tortillas that have been baked.  It is as if the triangular formations are being held together by air, and one crunch from the mouth and they crumble into corn dust.  And the tortilla chip flavor was simply off.  It tasted far too cornmeal-y, and left an overwhelmingly odd flavor in our mouths.  These chips really do have the POWER.  The POWER to send us running!

Once again, as is the case with all of the flavors, the best aspect of these Doritos JACKED, whoops sorry POWER, ends up being their seasoning; and even that is no saving grace this time.  Apparently, Chilean BBQ Wings are not what we know as barbeque flavor chicken wings in the US.  Nope.  We thought that we were going to be tasting an overly sweetened, slightly smoky, tomato flavor, with probably the lightest touch of heat, and maybe a little chicken seasoning thrown in to round everything out.  What we actually got was an unusual combination of slightly sweet tomato, the usual garlic and onion, hint of smoky paprika, but then there was the curve ball thrown in there.  We are fairly certain that there is some soy sauce flavoring included.  In fact, these sort of remind us of Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili, only with more tomato, and a touch less heat (which does become evident on the tail end after a bunch of handfuls).  The Asian flavor influence is a nice surprise, but we find it difficult to call this flavor BBQ Wings?!

Well, there you have it. In closing we thought that we should mention that the ingredients list on Chilean bags of chips do not really give any secrets away.  That’s right their version of the FDA (assuming they have one), allows them to use the generic “spices or seasoning” moniker for practically all flavor seasoning ingredients.  Which makes our job of flavor identification much more difficult.

Has anyone else out there tried these?  Or, perhaps any other foreign chips?  Let us know your thoughts!

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Chips discovered at Lider; Santiago, Chile

Lay’s Chile

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