REVIEW: chipz Happen – Spice-Z Parmesan Garlic Gourmet Tortilla Chipz

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

chipz Happen - Spice-z Garlic ParmesanCan you Z how many Z’s chipz Happen uses in Z bag to your left?  And, we can only assume that you have already noticed the word play going on with the the name: chipz Happen? Get it??

A little back story from the chipz Happen’s website:

Yes, it is another story of a family business starting in a home kitchen with an idea. (We know, right!?) But ours is quite inspiring: Our Mom is the creator behind chipz Happen. For nearly 20 years she spent many pleasurable hours in her kitchen making chipz for family & friends…. After years of trials and tribulations, we are excited to bring you chipz Happen— homemade, gourmet tortilla chipz with four unique blends.

First and foremost, is that these gourmet tortilla chips taste real.  They taste homemade.  In fact, they trigger tasty memories of those delicious, freshly fried, mom and pop’s Mexican restaurant tortilla chips that find their way to the table as soon as you are seated.  You know the ones that we are talking about, sturdy and rustic, and designed for scooping up as much of that delicious house made salsa as you can.  The chipz Happen appear to be made from quartered corn tortilla chips.  They are fairly dense and extra crunchy.  If you have a preference for light and crispy chips, then these may not be for you.  But if you like chips with a big crunch, then these would be right up your alley!

You know that green container of grated parmesan cheese you have in the fridge?  The same cheese that you often find next to the crushed red pepper flakes on the tables of those classic, small town, pizza parlors we all know and love.  And we are not talking about the grated stuff, but those salty, clumpy, tiny little white nuggets. Very tasty.  Well, that is exactly the same kind of cheese we found scattered all of these tortilla chips.  Truly, these chips are unlike any other parmesan flavored chips that we have ever tried.

Next, is the spice-z aspect (there’s that Z again).  Really the spice in this case does not encompass any tongue and mouth heat that we typically get from spicy chips; rather the cayenne powder delivers more of a dull throat burn.  The heat is in the background, and slowly creeps up on you.  You can taste that slightly smoky chili flavor much more than you really get any heat from it.  Just like with the parmesan cheese, the spice-z seasoning choice adds a unique take to these chips.  The spicy parmesan combo really reminded us of a zesty pizza flavored chip!

And, as for the third and final flavor component, sorry we do not really get any garlic at all.  Honestly, we do not taste any garlic.  We’re not sure if the other two flavor components simply overwhelmed the usually powerful garlic, or if our bags were just missing it.

Lastly, we should mention that the top half of this bag of chips did suffer from a bit of S.A.S. = seasoning adherence syndrome. Don’t you just hate it when you open a bag of chips and quickly realize that you should have shaken the bag prior to opening to help distribute the seasoning among all of the chips.  Unfortunately, we did no such thing, and had to make our way to the bottom half of the bag before we found any seasoning.  All we can say is that we are glad we did make our way to that bottom half of the bag because these chips delivered a very unique and tasty experience!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by chipz Happen for review

chipz Happen Official Website

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