REVIEW: Barcel Takis – Zombie Nitro (habanero & cucumber)

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (notable)

Taki's - Zombie NitroBarcel chip company specializes in chips/snacks targeted at the Latino community.  The company must be doing very well because Barcel’s snacks can be found almost everywhere these days.  And if we had to summarize the Barcel brand using just one word it would be “SPICY!”.  Nearly every single one of their chips has some level of heat to them.  So, if you can’t handle the heat, you may want to pay extra attention to which bag you pick up!

Barcel’s Takis are a riff on the uber popular gas station delicacy, the taquito.  For those of you completely oblivious to gas station food, or Mexican cuisine (flautas), taquitos usually consist of corn tortillas filled with meat/cheese, rolled into cylinder shapes and then deep fried.  Barcel’s Takis aren’t filled with anything, but they are corn tortilla chips that have been rolled tight, deep fried and then seasoned.

Plain and simple, these are our most favorite Takis that we have ever tried.  The Zombie Nitro – Habanero & Cucumber flavor is POWERFUL!!  Barcel blasts us with the most maximus flavor onslaught that we have encountered in quite some time.  The actual amount of tongue tingling chile-lime-cucumber seasoning physically clinging to each Taki would even impress Doritos top seasoning experts.  Seriously, it is as if the Takis chips have been battered with the bright neon green seasoning!  That’s right, neon green!  As if the Takis weren’t already unnatural enough, now Barcel has taken it one shade further!

Zombie?!?  We did not encounter any zombies inside of this bag.  Maybe Barcel is referring to the eery green color, but other than that we don’t see the connection.  We also did not encounter any real habanero flavor inside of this bag.  The chips do bring the heat, but not in the form of the deliciously fruity (and of course spicy) habanero chile pepper.  Rather, this seasoning tasted more like an extremely acidic, and spicy version of the classic chile limon flavor.  Toss in a subtle layer of vegetal cucumber notes and we’ve got something more unique than the neon green seasoning on our hands.

We simply do not love the shape, crunch or consistency of rolled tortilla chips, which of course includes Barcel’s Takis.  Every time we try a new version of these rolled chips we miss the classic tortilla chip edge that we can run our tongues across, and lick the seasoning.  The Takis do not have much licking surface area (we like two sides to our chips!).  The crunch and consistency of a rolled tortilla chip is always a bit heavy and dense, but Takis are even more so, and we simply prefer a lighter and crispier crunch and consistency.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Takis discovered at Shell Gas Station; Hillside, Illinois

Barcel Official Website

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Barcel Takis – Zombie Nitro (habanero & cucumber)

    • @ ashowna – thanks for contacting us, but we are not associated with Barcel in any way. we can tell you that we found them in the Chicago area at Shell gas stations but as far as the Detroit area goes, we really have no clue. you’re best bet maybe to contact Barcel directly and see if they can tell you. good luck!!

  1. Usually shell or arco gas station has them. my friend in PA got them from shell…i got them from arco (west coast) and they are freaking amazing. i was shocked to be fully honest.

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