REVIEW: Burt’s British Potato Chips – Bursting With Spicy Chorizo

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)

Burt's - Spicy ChorizoOh Burt, you know you had us at Spicy Chorizo!

Many of you, as well as all of us here, are from the U.S. of A., and we often associate chorizo sausage with Mexican cuisine.  That dark red, heavily seasoned, spicy ground pork that is often found cooked in tamales, tacos or with eggs.  Well, that’s not the chorizo that Burt’s British Potato Chips is using on their hand cooked potato chips (don’t they mean crisps?!).  No, Burt’s spicy chorizo refers to the classic, smokey, cured, Spanish chorizo popular in Europe, but readily available throughout the world.

To date, we have only tried one other of Burt’s British Potato Chip flavors, but luckily we were more than impressed with the uniquely flavored Guinness Hand Cooked Potato Chips.  Well, we are happy to report that Burt’s Spicy Chorizo flavor is even better!  How can we accurately describe this lip-smacking flavor to you?  Burt’s says they “…take smokey Spanish sausage to a new level by combining it with a delicious tomato chilli sauce for a real spice fiesta.”  We call them a lip-smackingly delicious mélange of flavors, with loads of depth, and perfect interplay between smoky, sweet, sour and heat!  The ingredients list may seem like there’s too much going on but let us assure you that the combo of tomato, chorizo, lime, paprika, vinegar, chili flakes, and some sugar makes for a great delicious party in the mouth!  We wouldn’t necessarily call, and certainly not title, these spicy. There is a bit of chili flake heat, and it even slightly builds with each additional chip, but never really reaches any sort of “spicy” level.

The hand cooked potato chips themselves deliver an adequate level of greasiness, but are a little thinner, and less toothsome than most “hand cooked / kettle cooked” style chips.  We couldn’t really detect much actual potato flavor from behind the delicious seasoning.

In the end, these are some pretty fantastic potato chips!  Extremely well balanced.  Easy to devour.  Plus a unique blend of ingredients we don’t often see together.  That being said, by the time we finished chomping down this delicious bag of chips, we realized that Burt’s Spicy Chorizo seasoning actually tasted eerily similar to Kettle Brand’s Salsa with Mesquite Potato Chips.  The only distinguishable difference were the chips themselves, and as great as Burt’s chips are, we don’t love them quite as much as Kettle Brand’s perfect kettle chips!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Burt’s British Potato Chips discovered at World Market; Oak Brook, Illinois

Burt’s Official Website

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