REVIEW: Lesser Evil Chia Crisps – Big, Bold and Sharp Jalapeno White Cheddar Baked Black Bean Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Lesser Evil Chia Crisps - Jalapeno White CheddarNow that’s a mouthful! And we’re not talking about the Chia Crisps themselves!!  No, we are referring to the over-the-top, ultra descriptive, adjective-laden, packaging above!  As fellow fans, and abusers, of the written word, of course we understand the importance of accurately illustrated communication, but when you start to use Sooooo MANY descriptions to describe your crisps, we begin to think that you are overcompensating for something!  Little flavor syndrome perhaps?!?

We have tried a couple of the other Chia Crisp flavors  prior to these jalapeno white cheddar, and for the most part we had found them quite accurately flavorful.  That being said, this time we weren’t quite as wowed, just sort of satisfied.  We certainly wouldn’t describe these as big, bold, or sharp.  The seasoning blend is notably tasty, and evenly distributed, but we just found it lacking any real big and bold flavors!  After a few handfuls of the crisps, the heat does begin to surface, and the white cheddar cheese seasoning delivers a smooth and creamy essence, but we were really hoping for….more.  In fact, if we were doing a blind taste test of these, we may have thought that they were pizza flavored.  Somehow the flavor combo of cheddar, onion, garlic, and nutty black bean with chia mingled to release notes of pizza.  Weird!

We must admit, Lesser Evil is a bit deceptive by calling these ‘Chia Crisps’, when in fact the crisps are predominantly black bean based; but understand that ‘chia’ is the definitely the more trendy “super food” ingredient these days, so they just want to showcase the fact that the crisps do indeed have chia inside of them!  More chia to ya!

The richly dark brown crisps are very thin and perfectly circular, with slightly rounded over edges, reminiscent of a Frisbee disc.  Their texture is crispy but deliver a rather dry and dense mouthfeel.  They work perfectly fine as a healthier crunchy snack alternative, but they do not evoke any of the same rich, fatty, and satisfying mouth texture that traditionally fried potato and tortilla chips do.  We appreciate what they are offering, but wouldn’t ever choose these over “normal” chips for any reason.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at T.J.Maxx; Lincoln Park – Chicago, Illinois

Lesser Evil Official Website

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lesser Evil Chia Crisps – Big, Bold and Sharp Jalapeno White Cheddar Baked Black Bean Chips

    • @ Jason – thank you for your comment. Are you referring to the jalapeno white cheddar flavor, or all of the Chia Crisps? We’re going to have to try some Beanitos!

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