REVIEW: Lay’s – Do Us a Flavor Finalist – Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese Potato Chips

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Lay's - Do Us a Flavor - Bacon Mac & Cheese duoBy now we’re sure that most of you, if not all of you, are well aware of Lay’s all new 2014 ‘Do Us A Flavor’ contest.  Just about every one and their mother has chimed in with their own thoughts or reviews on these unique flavors.  Similar to last year’s wildly popular flavor contest, Lay’s is once again offering up the chance for one lucky individual to win a million dollars for creating an all new potato chip flavor, and for the general population deeming it the best!  This year Lay’s has offered up four flavor finalists instead of three, and although the flavors sounded really promising, overall we have been less than impressed with every one of them! This time Lay’s has allowed the flavor creators the liberty of choosing what style of Lay’s potato chips they would like to use as their delivery medium.

As humungous chip fanatics and consumers and reviewers, we cannot begin to tell you how giddy we get each time a contest such as this is released.  We love this stuff!!  And usually, as soon as we hear about this sort of thing we run out to as many different stores as it takes, and we hunt those new chips down!  Unfortunately, this time around Lay’s forgot to check our schedule and released their new chips just as we left the country for two weeks!!  So, in other words, we had to idly sit back and watch as review after review hit the web for the past two weeks.  Well, we are now back stateside, we have the four flavors in our possession, and we are ready to toss in our two cents!

Last up: Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

Submitted by: Matt Allen, Dayton, Ohio

Chip Review’s flavor creativity rating (scale: 1 – 10): 2

Chip Review’s excitement level (scale: 1 – 10): 2

To be completely honest, we’ve been holding off on writing our review of this final flavor simply because we really don’t have much to say about it.  Quite frankly, we enjoyed all three flavors from Lay’s last contest better than any of these this year!! We wouldn’t even necessarily say that it is due to an overall lack of creativity in flavors, but simply more a lack of execution.  That is, except for this flavor.  This flavor screams unoriginal, and is clearly targeted at the unadventurous, comfort food loving masses!  However, being the professionals that we are, we buckled down, bought a bag and crunched our way through it.

Here’s a thought, what if the chips had been made out of actual macaroni and cheese?  There’s probably no way, but that could have amp’d up their creativity a little bit!  Instead, the chips are simply another bacon and cheese flavored chip on the market.  They are not bad in any way, and they deliver a pretty well balanced bacon and cheese flavor.  Lay’s was actually able to control their smoke level just enough to compliment the cheese seasoning rather than overwhelm it, as is most often the case.  The chips are definitely on the saltier side of things, but we have no problem with that.  Overall, these are perfectly fine chips.  We can’t imagine anyone not liking these.  Personally, we just aren’t looking for fine chips, we want WOW chips!  These are not WOW chips!  None of Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ chips this year have been WOW chips!

Better luck next year!

Chip Review’s ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Rankings:

1. Cappuccino

2. Wasabi Ginger

3. Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

4. Mango Salsa

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

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