REVIEW: Ocean’s Halo The Seaweed Chip – Korean BBQ

Rating: ©-3/4 chips  (return to sender)

Ocean's Halo - Korean BBQ Seaweed ChipOK, we tried.  We tried our hardest to Swim against the tide as Ocean’s Halo tells us to on the back of their packaging; but, in the end, and truth be told, these Seaweed Chips simply had us backstroking – with the tide, in the opposite direct, as fast as we could!!!

Are you a fan of “fishy” flavored things?  Do you crave those flavors of the ocean floor?  Were you raised in a house on the coast, each morning waking to the scent of that cool ocean breeze?  If your answer to any of those questions is NO, then may we suggest you tread the flavor waters lightly before diving into a bag of these seaweed chips!

We are not fans of these chips (as you can probably tell by our rating of them).  But, we do really appreciate what Ocean’s Halo has given us here.  As far as we know, these are one of a kind!  A completely unique chip on the market these days is an impressive feat.  They obviously do use seaweed in their chips, and it is quite amazing just how much sea flavor the chips retain even after the cooking process.  And lastly, seaweed is a plentiful, healthy and underutilized, and we value Ocean’s Halo’s attempt to deliver it to us in a new medium.  Unfortunately, in our opinion, not one we ever want to try again!

As for the Korean BBQ seasoning, well, we can’t really taste it from behind the potent chip flavor.  We could recognize some of those common Korean ingredients like soy, garlic, tamari and vinegar, but they all seemed muddled, and minor compared to the seaweed flavor that lingered in our throats for quite some time after eating these chips.

So, once again, if you crave a big glass of sea water in the morning, or if you have hopes and dreams of marrying a mermaid and enjoying a seaweed side salad every night at your dinner table at the bottom of the sea – then these chips are for you!  If not, give them a try anyways and let us know what you think, maybe we are way off here (probably not, but maybe…).

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Whole Foods; Hinsdale, Illinois

Ocean’s Halo Official Website

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ocean’s Halo The Seaweed Chip – Korean BBQ

  1. Hey guys, I’m bummed to hear that you did not enjoy our chips. Seaweed definitely has a distinctive taste, although we try to make it more accessible to everyone with flavors like our new organic Korean BBQ, Chili Lime, Hot & Spicy and Sea Salt. And Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are some of the healthiest options on the shelf – 6g protein, only 2.5g fat and tons of vitamins & mineral. Now that being said, there’s no substitute for straight up taste. So I have a huge favor to ask – would you be willing to give us another shot? We recently launched the newest flavor member to our family – Texas BBQ. And based on what we have been hearing from people, it is OFF THE HOOK. So if you’re up for it, please send us a note at with your address and we will happily send some samples out for you to try!

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