REVIEW: Cosmos Creations – Crushed Sea Salt Vinegar with Pepper Premium Puffed Corn

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Cosmos - Crushed Sea Salt Vinegar & Black Pepper Puff CornWho is Cosmo, and what are his Creations?  Well, we can tell you all about those creations a little further down this page, but as far as Cosmos goes, we don’t really have a clue.  We’re thinking that Cosmos is either the top secret, under cover name for the original inventor of these creations, or Cosmos actually refers to The Cosmos; which as we all know is a complex and orderly system, aka, the opposite of chaos.  Sort of like this Crushed Sea Salt Vinegar with Pepper Premium Puff Corn.  Delivering a deliciously complex, and lip-smackingly orderly crunchy puff corn system to our chaotic mouths!!

We’ve tried a lot of different types of puffed corn in our time.  We’ve crunched our way through corn puffs, puffers, crunchies, kurls, doodles, dittos, and nuggets; and in the end, they are all sort of the same corn-y snacks.  Cosmos Premium Puffed Corn Creations are shaped a little different than other puffed corns we’ve tried.  They are sort of shaped like regular old butterflied, popped popcorn.  We’re thinking that these creations have been purposely formed, or more technically, extruded to look exactly like their natural, kernel laden friends, but of course we cannot confirm this.  But, maybe Cosmos actually has no control of their process?  Maybe they just flip the puff corn solenoid somewhere, actuate that extruder valve, and let the puffed corn fly!?!

The crushed sea salt vinegar with pepper seasoning delivers a very strong aroma upon opening the bag, but it is not the usual nasal vinegar burn, it is more something….more peppery, we guess.  The flavoring is quite delicious, with a tangy vinegar bite, and a spicy aromatic black pepper.  The black pepper adds a subtle warmth to the backs of our throats, and a nice layer to the combination.  This flavor combo reminds us of something, but what is it?  Throw in some classic ingredient side kicks like onion and garlic, and what do we have…..Ranch!  That’s what this flavor combination tastes like.  Other than missing those creamy, rich, buttermilk notes, the other flavor profiles all make sense.  Sour twang from the vinegar solids, plenty of strong black pepper, those constant backup flavors of garlic and onion, and voila!!  A delicious variation of ranch sorts!  The premium puffed corn had a perfectly, melty body to them, but only a very soft crunch.  Not nearly as crispy as other puffed corn snacks we’ve tried.

In the end, these are a delicious snack. And if this is any indication of the rest of Cosmos Creations we better get trying’em!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Mariano’s; Westchester, Illinois

Cosmos Creations Official Website

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One thought on “REVIEW: Cosmos Creations – Crushed Sea Salt Vinegar with Pepper Premium Puffed Corn

  1. Yes, Cosmos Creations are awesomely addictive, and addictively awesome…ALL flavors! If you haven’t tried them all yet, get on it! :o)

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