REVIEW: Vitner’s – Sizzlin’ Hot Tangy Triple Cheese Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©© chips  (“A” list)

Vitner's - Tangy Triple Cheese - Sizzlin' HotImagine one cold, windy night, good old rich and creamy, sour cream and onion potato chip decided to take it upon himself to borrow some salty, and tangy cheese notes from no other than big cheddar chip down the street.  Of course chip then thought it necessary to visit a ragin’ party in hot Sizzlin’ville, to make sure and add a touch of spice to his life.  And finally, just to round out the night properly, chip hopped on the Garlic Vinegar El Train headed west, and road it all the way home from the flavor loop!

That’s right, that’s one tasty Chicago night!!  And not very much different from the night we discovered these delicious Vitner’s potato chips!

Everyone in the world has their Mount Everest, or if they don’t they should definitely find it.  Mount Everest represents that one painting an artist has been working towards their whole life, or maybe that marathon you’ve been training for and finally complete, in other words, Everest is that tallest of tallest mountains, that seemingly impossible obstacle, that you finally climb and conquer!!  We feel like that is what Vitner’s has accomplished with these Sizzlin’ Hot Tangy Triple Cheese Potato Chips.  Every other one of their flavors leading up to these were simply for practice.  Only trying to perfect that crispy chip and salty seasoning combo, and eventually craft their masterpiece!

After tasting these chips everyone at Chip Review paused for a second and looked at one another in wonderment, marveling how we had never tasted these chips prior to that moment?!  We live in Chicago, and the C.J. Vitner Company began here nearly 90 years ago, and yet our paths had never crossed these amazing chips?  Luckily for everyone, especially you, destiny has now brought us together, and we can all share in the excitement for these delicious chips!  In other words, go find yourself a bag, so that you can better understand what we are going to try our best to describe to you.

Vitner’s Sizzlin’ Hot Tangy Triple Cheese seasoning is both deliciously unique, and weird.  A funky flavor extravaganza that strums notes of tangy, sour, salty, spicy and salty!  Deliciously delivering a depth, and complexity, and comfort, and soul with an amazingly balanced flavor harmony.  Seriously, these chips ignite your taste buds!  Probably the best and most simple way we can describe them to you would be like sour cream and extra cheddar chips with a good splash of hot vinegar.  If that doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven to you, we probably can’t be friends!

Of course, all of the great seasoning in the world doesn’t matter much without a great delivery medium to rely on.  Vitner’s potato chips are on the thinner and lighter side of the spectrum.  A toothsome and crispy bite to the slightly greasy potato chips.  Very surprisingly we could actually taste a lot of the potato flavor from behind the barrage of Sizzlin’ Hot Tangy Triple Cheese seasoning!

Needless to say, the chips are easy to devour (probably too easy)!!  We are quite disappointed that it took us so long to discover these chips, but we are proud, and pleased, to live in the city that produces them, and more importantly, the region that actually sells them!!!

Discovered at Shell Gas Station; Westchester, Illinios

Vitner’s Official Website

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