REVIEW: Goldbaum’s – Snap Stix Let’s Get Saucy Tangy Ketchup!

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Goldbaum's - Tangy Ketchup Snap StixGoldbaum’s Snap Stix just might be the perfect crunchy snack for kids. First of all, kids love to snack, these are a snack – check.  The Snap Stix are on the healthier end of the snack spectrum, parent approved – check, check.  Kids love fun and interactive things to snack on, such as long, skinny, crunchy, potato Stix – check, check, check.  And from what we know, most kids really, really love ketchup – CHECK!

Oh, we must say that these are quite ingenious!!  What’s more classic than fries and ketchup?  It is a time tested and proven combination.  Personally some of us at Chip Review actually despise ketchup.  Just can’t stand it!.  However, being the professionals that we are, we are able to put our grievances aside, and certainly recognize a great idea, and product, when we see (TASTE) one!!

Back to that classic combination of fries and ketchup.  The sweet and tangy tomato ketchup mingles with the snappy potato (fry shaped) Stix very well – as it should.  The seasoning is on the lighter side, and could probably benefit from a little more salt, but it definitely, without a doubt, provokes thoughts of a slightly sweet, and tangy ketchup.  The potato Snap Stix are light, crispy, and addictive.  Before we knew it, half the bag had disappeared, and our stomachs didn’t even feel a dent.  The Snap Stix had a hole running through them lengthwise, like a tube, probably adding to the light, crispiness.

Plain and simple, these are fun and easy to eat.  Who wouldn’t enjoy eating these?!  Heck, even those of us who don’t like ketchup, enjoyed crunching on these!

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Stix provided to Chip Review by Goldbaum’s for review

Goldbaum’s Official Website

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