REVIEW: Kettle Brand – Pepperoncini Potato Chips

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Kettle Brand - PepperonciniWe always become a little giddy when one of the big chip brands, and long-time favorites, decides that it is time to release a new flavor (in this case THREE new flavors).  Immediately we were drawn to one flavor in particular.  A strinkingly bright, yellowish-green bag with a single flavor word: PEPPERONCINI!!  We love pepperoncini!  What’s that, you somehow do not know what pepperoncini are…huh?  Well, first of all, shame on you, and secondly, pepperoncini are a variety of ever so slightly sweet, and slightly spicy peppers, made in both Italy and Greece. The peppers are bright greenish-yellow, and most often sliced into little rings, pickled in a brine and jarred. The pickled peppers are used on everything from pasta and sandwiches, to pizza and salads. Here at Chip Review we love them on practically anything (Frosted Flakes, we’re looking at you…), and as far as we are aware, no company has ever attempted to make pepperoncini flavored chips. We have an exciting new flavor first!!

So, to say the least, we had very, very high hopes for these chips. And, as often times is the case, we may have built these up in our minds to something greater than they could have ever possibly become… In other words, they were destined to fail even before we ever tasted that first chip.

All in all, we are sort of torn with these chips.  On the one hand, they are really good chips.  They have a unique flavor combo, sort of like a zippy, slightly sour and tangy, jalapeno flavored potato chip.  With some notes of garlic and onion thrown in to help to round out the overall flavor profile.  They exhibit a light touch of chile heat, but in the end, and on the other hand, we simply wanted more. We needed more.  We wanted pepperoncini!

Just to make sure that we weren’t misjudging these chips unfairly, we did the only clear and reasonable thing we could think of to do.  We put them up against the real thing!  We went back and forth between pepperoncini potato chip and pepperoncini ring.  You know what we determined?  Our initial assessment remained true.  These chips simply did not fully evoke thoughts of real pepperocini.  They needed more commanding sour, more of that potently zesty pickled chile pucker conviction!

The pepperocini seasoning blend paired rather well with Kettle Brand’s deliciously greasy and crunchy, kettle cooked potato chips!  But, you know what we think would have paired even better?  Accurately seasoned PEPPEROCINI flavored chips!!  We like’em, we just don’t really love them!  Here’s hoping that the new Red Curry flavored chips are better than these.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Kettle Brand – Pepperoncini Potato Chips

  1. This article was so accurate that it hurt. These chips tasted like regular kettle brand chips, with a tiny hint of garlic and onion zest. Give me the real pepperocini or give me nothing at all!

  2. My hopes were low so I’m surprised I like them 😉 Like bbq meets salt and vinegar- but truly not reminiscent of pepperonicini at all

  3. So disappointed. I give them 1.5 chipstars. They are tolerable but after the first few, the rest have remained in the bag for a week.
    “Great taste…naturally” they say. Checking the ingredients may reveal the problem: no pepperoncini!
    They have concocted a blend of green bell pepper powder, garlic powder, vinegar (surprisingly, not powder), jalapeño powder, onion powder and parsley powder, along with salt, sugar, yeast and malt.
    Naturally 😉

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