REVIEW: Popsalot – Honolulu Aloha

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Popsalot - Honolulu AlohaWell, ALOHA Popsalot!

This is some lip-smackingly fantastic caramel corn!  Seriously! Elegantly simple, with a rich, nutty, and definitely buttery, vanilla kissed caramel corn.  Popsalot Gourmet Popcorn is straight out of the 90210.  And, we’re pretty sure that even Brenda and Brandon Walsh would recognize the quality that Popsalot is putting forth here!

The Honolulu Aloha flavor is Popsalot’s ode to the Paradise of the Pacific.  A macadamia infused caramel corn that is tossed with slow-roasted macadamia nuts.  The combination is a match made in heavenly Hawaii!  The caramel corn is very large, extra light and fluffy, with the perfect golden crunch of caramel. We could definitely tell that this caramel was enhanced with the nutty essence of macadamias, and definitely infused with a good dosage of vanilla.  We would have really loved a light touch of some sea salt thrown in there to cut through all of the sweet; but that’s just us, and most people would probably be perfectly satisfied with an ultra rich and sweet caramel corn.

The few moments when we actually landed a mix of both the caramel corn and the macadamia nuts were, lights-out fantastic.  Those precious, porcelain, roasted half nuggets of unctuously rich macadamia nuts were amazing! WOW!  The roasted macadamias deliver this lightly roasted bitter flavor that cuts through the sweetness with a brittle crunch that eventually transforms into a creamy and fatty mouth finish. The combination of the caramel corn and the macadamias was a new one for us, and may we just say that macadamia nuts maybe the most perfect nut to mix with caramel corn ever!  So long peanuts!  Hello macadamias!!  The adult version of Cracker Jacks, for the more refined palette!

But wait….what’s that you say?!  Why did you guys preface the paragraph above with “those few moments…”?  Well, because those perfect handfuls that included both popcorn and nut, were really few and far between.  Seriously, it felt as if the entire bag contained a total of a dozen, okay maybe two dozen, macadamia nuts.  Either way, we expected a lot more. We ate far too many handfuls that included the caramel corn only.

So, there you have it, in a nutshell Popsalot’s Honolulu Aloha caramel corn is definitely some of the best caramel corn we have ever tried.  A terrific infused caramel coating the fluffy, air-popped kernels, combined with probably the perfect roasted nut, and simply slipping on its nut to corn ratios in our opinion.  Either way you pop it, or crunch it, we would certainly still suggest that you take advantage of those perfect nut and corn combo bites whenever you do spot this Honolulu Aloha on your store shelves.  You just may have some caramel corn leftover longing for  more of its macadamia buddies!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review from Popsalot for review

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