REVIEW: Kettle Brand – Red Curry Potato Chips

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Kettle Brand - Red CurryEveryone loves to try new chips!  We love to try new chips! You like to try new chips, right?  Oh, to savor in that unknown possibility that you are about to taste something unlike anything you have ever tasted before, and that new something may just become one of your favorite somethings of all-time!!

So, when we spot a trio of new flavored chips from one of our favorite kettle cooked potato chip brands of all-time, we get excited!  Really excited!  Kettle Brand only recently released the three unique new flavors to their arsenal; and if there is actually supposed to be a cohesive flavor theme among this group, we do not easily see it?!  Maybe they are going for bold flavors??  Not sure, either way, here we go.  First up, we tasted and reviewed the Pepperoncini flavor.  Honestly, we were by far the most excited for these, but ended up only enjoying them well enough.  Next up, are the Red Curry flavor.  Which as you will soon read, we found to be rather impressive and uniquely delicious!  Lastly, stay tuned for our review of the Roasted Garlic flavor coming soon.

A not-so-quick tear into the, industrial strength, always difficult to open,  Kettle Brand Red Curry chip bag delivered an immensely powerful aromatic waft of far away lands that penetrated through the air, and triggered memories of…..HOLD ON A SECOND HERE!!  That scent immediately triggered memories of Kettle Brand’s Spicy Thai flavored chips.  Thai Red Curry?!?  Spicy Red Curry?!?  Spicy Thai Red Curry!!?!  Was Kettle Brand trying to pull one over on us here?!  Were these in fact the same chips only renamed and repackaged?  Thankfully, one quick taste, and we can say without a doubt that they are in fact different than one another (to a certain extent).  We’re not sure what unique ingredients the two flavors share?  Lemongrass?  Ginger perhaps?  We’re sure they share red pepper.  Either way, their potent scents are extremely similar, and based on our overall love for the Spicy Thai, things are looking good for these Red Curry!

These really do taste like red curry.  More like a savory (more authentic? regional?) red curry, than your run of the mill, overly sweetened, and drowned with far too much coconut milk red curry! You know those Americanized versions that grace so many of our Thai-American restaurants everywhere, trying to deliver something more easily acceptable for the masses.  None of that here, wich is not to say that there is no sweetness present with these chips, they do deliver a subtle touch of sweetness.  We really appreciate, and admire, how Kettle Brand has opted against the easy flavor button by not emphasizing the coconut aspect.

So what ingredients do we taste in these Red Curry potato chips?  Similar to their Spicy Thai cousins, the Red Curry flavor is complex, rich and deep with almost a gritty earthiness.  In other words, delicious, and unique.  Delivering a delightful mélange of ingredients, even including a few rare ones (one of which we don’t think we have ever spotted in chips before!).  There’s mustard, lemongrass, and even dried mushroom!  MUSHROOM!!  Did someone say umami!  In fact, that is sort of a good way to describe the overall flavor of these chips.  Somewhere in the mix is a dash of red chile, delivering a subdued, put present burn.  We also tasted notes of ginger, tomato powder, onion and garlic.  In other words, a savory ocean of flavor!

We haven’t tried very many curry flavored chips prior to these, but we can tell you without a doubt that these are easily the best!  Combine this great flavor with Kettle Brand’s potato chips, and we’ve found the best chips that we’ve tried so far this year!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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