REVIEW: Lorenz Chipsletten – Hot & Spicy

Rating: ©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)

Lorenz Chipsletten - Hot & SpicyWe think it is pretty awesome that these chips letten us review them!!  (See what we did there?  Okay, you’re right, we won’t be quitting our day job anytime soon!!).

We’ve told you before, and we’re sure we will be telling you again, that we love scouring the salty snack aisle at the World Market; and wouldn’t you know it, Lorenz Chipsletten Hot & Spicy Crisps are yet another discovery courtesy of that store’s wonderfully unique chip selection.  How many of the rest of you out there also love scouring the chip aisles of World Market as much as we do?  Are you willing to spend, or gamble, some of that hard earned cash to see if you can’t discover something new and delicious?  Let us know.

Lorenz Hot & Spicy Chipsletten Crisps traveled to us all of the way from Germany.  And, it is fairly obvious from first glance that these Chipsletten are yet another country’s variation of Pringles iconic stack-able crisps.  However, unlike Pringles, Chipsletten come in a non-resealable, cardboard tubular canister, and inside of that canister rests a foil covered plastic tray that the stacked potato crisps sit in.

Chipsletten’s potato crisps are thicker, more like Lay’s Stax than Pringles.  But they were even more dense, with a hard, toothsome crunch than either of them.  We prefer the light and crispy potato crisps, Pringles first, Stax second.  Chipsletten were also physically smaller in size than either Pringles or Stax.

The hot & spicy seasoning blend didn’t seem very hot or spicy at first taste, but……. after a handful of crunchy crisps that HOT and SPICY both appeared with a pow!  A powerful heat that grew and lingered with time.  The flavor itself was rather odd, and actually on the verge of being off-putting for some of us. We could definitely taste the cayenne and the paprika, with a touch of garlic, all good and well, but then the flavors got a little convoluted, and jumbled, and more difficult to distinguish. Some of the other ingredients listed included: onion, tomato, with yogurt and cream powders…?  We also picked up some Asian flavor notes, maybe soy and ginger??  Despite nothing being listed among the ingredients.  Either way, the entire flavor combination rubbed us the wrong way.

Smoky and spicy, garlic, yogurt-soy!?!??  Not for us.  And Pringles and Stax, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your stack-able potato crisp market share, we are going to stick with you!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at World Market; Oak Brook, Illinois

Lorenz Official Website

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