REVIEW: Goldbaum’s – Cracked Pepper Multigrain Kale Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

Goldbaum's - Cracked Pepper Kale ChipsOkay, okay, okay…alright, alright, alright…we get it.  These chips (which are technically crisps according to our standards) are a healthier variation of the majority of the other chips on the market today.  They possess, or provide, all of the necessary and trendy associated bullet points that are required for a chip to be healthy: all natural, baked, multigrain, non-GMO, no preservatives, no trans-fat, no MSG, we assume gluten free?  And, did we mention that these are made of kale?!  That alone must be worth fifty points on the imaginary scale of healthiness!

First and foremost, in the past, we typically appreciate “chips” like these a lot more than we actually enjoy eating them.  We recognize their valiant attempt at giving us a delicious tasting chip, but more so how this chip is a healthier alternative to the other deliciously unhealthy chips.  Goldbaum’s Kale Chips appear to be no different in this case.

If it is alright with you, or even if it isn’t, please bear with us as we switch chips (topics) for a second…. And allow us to explain why we continue to refer to these crisps as “chips”, as we do not feel like these are truly chips, in the classically technical sense of the definition.  In our opinion, Goldbaum’s “chips” much more represent a crisp – a forced together conglomeration of various flours, flakes or ingredients shaped into a circular snack form.  A chip is not pressed together, but rather a slice of something (typically potato) that has been fried.  However, in that same argument, one may argue that based on our thought process, all corn tortilla chips are in fact corn tortilla crisps because they are not simply a slice of a cob of corn but rather a constructed and forced together snack! To that we say rubbish (or, bravo to you for catching that flaw in our theory! Please do not tell anyone, and let’s just continue on as if everyone, you included, is none the wiser!).  Maybe our theory only applies to potatoes…?  Never mind, let’s just continue on.

Can we taste kale in these??  Maybe, we’re not sure.  The crisps themselves are not green at all, which was a bit surprising, but they do have an odd background flavor that we can’t quite pinpoint.  The cracked pepper seasoning is there, and delivers on what it promises.  A slightly spicy flavor that tickles the backs of our throats.  The crisps have a softer crunch, with a slightly toothsome mouth-feel.  We don’t hate these “chips” by any means, but unless our doctor ends up prescribing them to us, we’re fairly certain that we will be sticking with the plenty of other, fatty-delicious cracked pepper chips out there on the market today!!

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

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