REVIEW: Late July – Nacho Chipotle Clasico Tortilla Chips

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Late July - Nacho ChipotleSo, we ask you, who’s chipotle is it exactly if it is not yours?  Nacho, get it? As in nacho = not your!  Nacho Chipotle!!  Please continue reading, once you have fully composed yourself!  And please note that if you do buy a bag of these chips that they are in fact yours, and you may enjoy them at your own leisure.

A few weeks ago we reviewed Late July’s new Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips (another flavor from the trio of Taco Truck Inspired tortilla chips from Late July, leaving only Jalapeno Lime left for us to review).  Overall, we thought the Bacon Habanero chips were lip-smacking, and definitely permeating profusely with a pronounced porky presence, but they were also lacking a bit in any true habanero chile presence! (Remember that statement, because apparently it is a trend among the taco truck inspired tortilla chips).

Last year Doritos released their own  JACKED Spicy Street Taco (the eventual winners of the Bold Test Flavor Experience), and we must say that we quite like this trend of tasty taco inspired flavors!  We can only hope that more brands hop on the taco-band(truck)wagon, and we start seeing some flavors like flame grilled skirt steak with chimichurri, or crispy sriracha-lime shrimp!

First, the good.  Late July’s Clasico Tortilla Chips are really fantastic.  Light and crispy, not crunchy, with those lovely little air pockets that give our favorite style of crispy tortilla chips their delicately delicious texture!  Tons of deep corn masa flavor.  These tortilla chips could easily be mistaken texturally for a Doritos tortilla chip in a blind crunch test.  Which is no small feat.  We feel like most other tortilla chip brands steer very clear of that comparison because nobody likes to challenge the big boys, but Late July shows no fear, and creates a very similar light and crispy chip.  The nacho chipotle seasoning itself has a tasty, albeit very subtle, salty cheese seasoning.  We tasted a couple of those other typical nacho flavors like garlic and onion, but beyond that, this seasoning was simply dull!

Alright, now onto the brass tacks, these chips suffer from what we, and we’re guessing our little friend Ms. McStuffins, would call lack-o-spice-atosis!  Maybe Late July is trying to give us much lighter seasoned chip, to keep those sodium levels down, or let the tortilla chips themselves shine.  But, needless to say we were, we are, expecting a lot more flavor with a name like Nacho Chipotle!  We want our tongues to dance and tingle when they lick the chips!  While we can appreciate the health conscientious seasoning gesture, but this is 2015, and we want our seasoned chips to be seasoned heavily!  Of course sometimes a subtle seasoning is suffice, or even preferred, but when we read a flavor name such as Nacho Chipotle we expect all sorts of seasoning!

To top it all off, the seasoning has absolutely no heat!  None.  Seriously!  Wait……  There it is…… No, wait is that it?!  Yep, we’re guessing that the itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie tickle in the backs of our throats is what Late July is offering up for any real chipotle chile heat on these chips.  In fact, the ingredient list on the back of the bag confirms our assumption, and assertion, as chipotle is the very last ingredient on the list.  We couldn’t even identify any of the obligatory smokiness that confirms we were eating chipotle.

So, overall we were not thrilled with these chips.  We love the tortilla chips themselves, but the seasoning was much too mild for our taste buds.  We will be sticking with the Bacon Habanero chips, that is unless the Jalapeno Lime chips really surprise us!!  We shall see!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at Whole Foods; River Forest, Illinois

Late July Organic Snacks Official Website

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