REVIEW: Broad Ripple Chip Co. Potato Chips

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Broad Ripple Chip Co.Here at Chip Review we have tasted and reviewed potato chips of every shape and form over the years. Probably one of our most favorite style of chips, one we knew and loved as youngsters, were the wider rippled, or RIP-L, or wavy, or what ever you want to call them – potato chips (honestly, we were practically raised on Old Dutch’s classic potato chips!).  So, we were obviously excited when Broad Ripple Chip Co. decided to send us a sample of their hand crafted locally made potato chips!  Of course we assumed that Broad Ripple was simply yet another way of describing the classic potato chip shape.  However, one quick peak through the potato chip bag’s small viewing window and we’re a little baffled?!  We do not see any ripples to these chips!  Tear bag open and still nope!  What we have here are ripple-less Broad Ripple potato chips!  An oxymoron if we’ve ever seen one!!

A little bit of investigative work and we discover that the Broad Ripple Chip Co. most likely derived its misleading name from a small neighborhood in its hometown of Indianapolis.  Whether the potato chip company is actually based in this specific Indy neighborhood, or began there, or simply has some sort of connection or affinity to it, we’re not exactly sure.  However, we are more than confident that the Broad Ripple neighborhood is where these chips got their name from!  And, we are more than confident that Indianapolis better embrace these delicious potato chips, because they are so lucky to have them!

Before we bite right down into the skinny of these chips, or should we technically say, before we bite down into to the thick of these chips, because these are no thin potatoes!  We just wanted to point out that even Alton Brown, Mr. Good Eats himself (and quite possibly the most intellectually charismatic Food Network television star of all-time!), has tried, and loved, Broad Ripple Chip Co.’s Potato Chips!  If that isn’t just the type of endorsement every small, local company hopes for!!

Luckily for you, and us, no endorsement is needed for these potato chips as they speak delicious volumes all by themselves!  These are some really great, hearty, thicker cut russet potato chips.  For those of you unaware of russett potato chips, and their uniquely dark color, and caramelized-nutty-sort of burnt notes, may we suggest that you make yourselves aware as soon as possible, as you are missing out on one of, what we consider, the tastiest potato chip varieties that there ever were.  That being said, we have come to the the hypothesis that there are really two types of russet potato people in the this world.  Those who love them for their uniquely dark, nutty, pure potato essence, and those who think that they are actually burnt, and just don’t get it.  We pity those people!!

Broad Ripple’s chips are probably the thickest cut russet potato chips that we have encountered in our chip tasting years.  The chips have a solid and toothsome crunch, but still remain crispy.  But, above and beyond all else when it comes to describing these chips, we think that it is most important to focus on the potato flavor.  Broad Ripple lets the potato chips speak for themselves.  Pure potato essence!  Of course they have taken some measurements to help compliment and highlight the potato flavor.  Frying, being one of them, but also seasoning them with just a few of those classic seasoning ingredients.  Simply garlic and onion – a delicious combination that is typically used to compliment other flavors, but here has been allowed to shine with just a touch of sugar and salt.  Simply great tasting potato chips!

We imagine that the shelf life of these chips cannot be very long, and we’re assuming that the chips are made and distributed in very small batches.  They are packaged in thick paper bags, with a small viewing window so the potato chips can actually see who is going to buy and eat them!  Once you have purchased a bag, and especially opened them, you should finish them very soon afterwards.  One small complain would be that the chips did become a bit greasy after being opened for a day.

Before we go, we should probably point out the little pup on the front of the bag.  The pug is named Zeus, he is the family dog, and is the potato chip mascot!  And if we had to guess, we’re betting he eats chips for treats!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Broad Ripple Chip Co. for review

Broad Ripple Potato Chip Co. Official Website

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