REVIEW: Pringles Exclusive Flavor! – Mango Salsa

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Pringles - Mango SalsaJust the other week we went into detail on our thoughts and concerns over the controversial Exclusive Flavor!  We’re not sure how many other stores are exceptional (rich, big) enough to have their own versions of Exclusive Flavors, but so far as we can tell most, if not all, Exclusive Flavors that we have spotted have both been from blue and white behemoth – Walmart.

Plain and simple, these are some of the oddest tasting chips (crisps) ever!  Just weird!!  And, not because we haven’t reviewed mango flavored chips before.  Most recently we tasted and reviewed last year’s Lay’s Wavy Do Us a Flavor Finalist, who gave us their variation of the mango salsa!  Unfortunately, our initial reaction to those was yuck!  A very surprised, and disappointed, YUCK!  We were thinking that the mango salsa flavor was going to be our favorite among the four flavor finalists.  So, the question at hand is, will Pringles Mango Salsa disappoint as well?  Does mango salsa just not work as a chip flavor?  Because it is worth mentioning that other chip brands have proven that mangoes plus habaneros plus potato chips can actually be a fantastic combination!

Pringles Mango Salsa potato crisps are a combination of zippy – sour, with a sort of real fruity mango essence, plenty of garlic, a little bit of heat, the sweet and aromatic balance of onion, loads of salt, and sort of like mango salsa actually….  OK, so we’ve settled that.  These do kinda, sorta, taste like mango salsa….in powder seasoning form of course.  That being said, do they really taste good?  In our opinion, sort of, well, not really!  Initially, we taste those delicious mango salsa flavors, but then on the back end of the tasting experience our enjoyment sort of transitions to an off-putting experience.  We’re pretty sure that our negative feelings are a result from the combination of the mango salsa flavor and potato crisps.  It just seems unnatural to combined those two!  Who eats salsa with potato chips?! Not us, and there is likely a good reason for that.  The combo does not seem organic. It just doesn’t jive! Corn and fruit = works.  Potatoes and fruit = not so much!

In the end, we appreciate Pringles mango salsa flavor accuracy, but this is not a combo we would be buying again for any reason.  That being said, of course we would crunch a few if we spotted them on a snack table at some great chip party we were attending!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Walmart; Countryside, Illinois

Pringles Official Website

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pringles Exclusive Flavor! – Mango Salsa

  1. The exclusive flavor of the mango salsa Pringles were unsettling to the families pallet . Before tasting anything I always look at the can or whatever packaging the product came in and make an observation. The unique picture of the chip taking a journey on a floating mango with a bowl of what appeared to me as queso with hot peppers. This excited me because I imagine myself taking this journey as a pop open the can and put a salty zesty island adventure in my mouth but what I noticed was a hint of cheese with a dash of hot pepper and a pinch of sweet . Although I do agree weird combo when you keep eating them it kind of grows on you or gives you a massive stomach ache either one. I wont be purchasing these any time soon so I assume the exclusive flavor would never make its debute on the shelf again.

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