REVIEW: Doritos Dinamita – Mojo Criollo

Rating: ©©©©-3/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Doritos Dinamita - Mojo CriolloSomething has recently happened that we simply cannot explain! Either the earth’s axis has shifted and everything we thought we knew has suddenly changed (some of which is, case in point, certainly for the better), or we are finally starting to come around, and really appreciate some of the rolled corn tortilla snacks – aka crunchy taquitos!  On more than one occasion we have described the crunchy tubular snacks as one of, if not our, least favorite type of snacks of all-time.  But, a few recently delicious additions to this particular snack type arsenal have changed the way we will perceive them forever!  So, lets toot that horn and join the tasty rolled corn tortilla train!!  That’s right, bring on those all too dense, and too crunchy-hard fried tortillas.  We no longer require a flat chip that provides an ample licking surface for us to accurately taste the seasoning.  We will remain content with crunching down on the tasty corn tubes like everyone else!!

Mojo Criollo?  Exact translation: we’re not sure.  That being said, we do know that mojo criollo is the name of a marinade or sauce that a handful of different companies produce.  And, according to legend, mojo sauce has many different variations throughout the Carribbean.  In this particular instance Doritos appears to be utilizing Cuba’s delicious rendition, focusing primarily on garlic and citrus. Personally, we have been fans of Cuban mojo sauce for many, many years; often enjoying it at Victor’s 1959 Cuban Cafe, with such dishes as yucca frita (fried) and pan con lechon (pulled pork)!!  Honestly, the flavorful sauce would probably pair well with just about any cut of meat, and in this case with a corn tortilla chip!

The front of the Dinamita bag pretty much sums it up.  Lime, lemon and garlic all mingle together to form a seasoning that is unlike any other we have tried before, and yet at the same time felt (tasted) very comfortable coating the fried corn tortillas.  The citrus-ful seasoning was slightly reminiscent of last year’s Doritos Test Flavor: 404…  Only this time Doritos nailed it, and gave us a nearly perfectly executed and balanced mojo criollo flavor!  We just love the combination of citrus, and garlic, and maybe some bay leaf and pepper?  Sour and savory and salty and yummy!  We appreciate how Doritos refrained from adding any real sweetness to the chips.  Everyone who tried these were impressed!  Keep up the great work Doritos!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at 7-eleven; Willowbrook, Illinois

Doritos Official Website

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