REVIEW: Beanfields – Salt N’ Pepper Bean & Rice Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

Beanfields - Salt N PepperBean, bean the musical fruit.  The more chips you eat, the more you…..well, you know how the saying goes!

We haven’t really tried too many different bean chips, or rice chips for that matter.  But, of what we have tried, we can tell you with certainty that we prefer rice chips over bean chips.  While rice chips tend to offer a more solid, crunchy chip, the inclusion of bean really seems to dry the chip, and our mouths, out.  While we obviously understand that the use of beans is meant as a healthy alternative to the typical chip base of potato or corn, we just wish that it worked better as a base!  Luckily, Beanfields has figured out that by combining rice and beans, the result is a much more palatable chip offering!

Overall, Beanfields remind us a lot of other rice chips we’ve tried (like Riceworks), with a good grainy consistency, but with a much softer bean chip crunch.  These chips are fun.  Sturdy, rustic, solid, very well built.  In fact, we’re pretty sure that the bold black bag consisted of only full chips.  Not a single crummy to be found.  Unfortunately, despite the use of rice in the ingredients, the bean component does deliver that moisture absorbing, dry consistency, albeit to a lesser extent.

The Salt N’ Pepper seasoning is a nice compliment to the bean and rice chips.  The black pepper is certainly present, but a lot more subtle than other full force pepper flavors.  More of a dull, fragrant, black pepper burn or presence, than an in your face salty, and spicy combination.  The ingredients do include some other supporting characters like onion and garlic, which we always like with our black pepper chips, but we didn’t really taste much of either of them.  Overall, the seasoning is good, simple, and does its job, but nothing to write home about.

These chips are lighter in color, sort of a cloudy white, which makes us think more of rice chips than bean chips, but scattered throughout the chips are large black specks which we are guessing are the beans, and not the black pepper.  The chips are sort of like a triangular kaleidoscope, or stained glass window, made of rice and beans.  While it maybe visually impressive, and fun to look at, we’re not sure if we actually enjoy eating them.  But, don’t only take our word for it, Beanfield’s chips are indeed award winning.  Check out what these other people have had to say about them.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided by Beanfields to Chip Review for review

Beanfields Official Website

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