REVIEW: Ziggy’s Kettle Corn – Smokin’ Honey Barbecue with Himalayan Pink Salt

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Ziggy's - BBQTwo years ago we tasted Ziggy’s Kettle Corn for the first time here at Chip Review.  To call the experience deliciously amazing would be an understatement.  While Ziggy’s Buttery Bliss Kettle Corn was a lip-smacking rendition of the classic combination, it was Ziggy’s two other flavors (Sweet & Salty and Happenin’ Jalapeno) that really knocked our socks off!  In fact, just this past year we finally put together our Top 5 Popcorn list, and guess who landed at the top spot!

Well, it is now 2015, and we are betting that it will be yet another great year popcorn!! And, one of those reasons will likely be due to the fact that Ziggy’s has made the superb decision to release 4 all-new flavors!!  Yep, that’s right, everyone’s favorite kettle corn brand has decided to branch out, and try their hand at combining some other flavors with their deliciously sweet and salty popcorn!  Lucky us, we have all four of those flavors in the snack vault, and will be reviewing each and every one in the near future!

A little while ago we started with reviewing Ziggy’s Tomato Basil with Himalayan Pink Salt kettle corn.  We started with tomato basil flavor because it sounded the least interesting to us.  And overall, the kettle corn was good (we can’t imagine any of Ziggy’s Kettle Corn being anything but good), but overall it wasn’t anything very special.  We really couldn’t taste any basil at all, and the tomato didn’t really do anything other than reiterate the sweetness of the kettle corn.  Next up is Ziggy’s Smokin’ Honey Barbecue with Himalayan Pink Salt.  Again, we fear that putting more sweetness onto an already sweet kettle corn maybe redundant and overkill.  We honestly believe that kettle corn is best flavored using ingredients that will juxtapose the sweet notes.  Which is why we are saving Ziggy’s two other new flavors – Kickin’ Buffalo Wing and Savory Chili Lime – for last, because we think think they hold the most promise!

You know what?  The Smokin’ Honey Barbecue is better than we expected.  Sweet, smoky and savory notes flood the air as soon as we open the bag.  Initial thought, this kettle corn evokes thoughts of sweet and smoky bbq meat – probably ribs to be specific.  So, if you are looking for sweet, smoky, savory and salty bbq, and can’t find the real stuff, this kettle corn may just do the trick!  The kettle corn does tread very closely to the too sweet line, but in the end the tangy tomato, fragrant smoke, and salty salt are able to corral that sweetness and deliver a balanced, tasty combination!  The more popcorn we ate, the more we enjoyed it.  Ziggy’s just knows how to produce great sweet and salty kettle cooked popcorn!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review by Ziggy’s Kettle Corn for review

Ziggy’s Kettle Corn Official Website

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