REVIEW: D’vour Tortilla Chips made with Real Coconut – Sea Salt

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

D'vour - Coconut Sea SaltYou put the chip in the coconut and eat ’em bot’ together.  You put the chip in the coconut and you’ll feel better!!

Well, D’vour has opted to flip it around and put the coconut in the chip, and you know what, we do feel better for eating them!!  These are really unique and tasty tortilla chips.  One little taste and there is no doubt that the tortilla chips are flavored or filled with coconut.  Is coconut one of those ingredients that a lot of people do not appreciate until they are an adult?  We were discussing this at Chip Review and a couple of us recall not eating anything with coconut on it as a child.  Those sweet, chewy, strands of toasted, or not, fragrant white coconut just rubbed us the wrong way.  But, something happen along the way and now our palettes appreciate and even look forward to the naturally sweet, unmistakeable flavor that coconut lends to whatever it is mingling with.

Coconut seems to have seen a boom in the snack world as of late.  From what we’ve seen the majority of those snacks have been popcorn, popped in coconut oil, but we are guessing that it is only a matter of time and everyone will be utilizing the naturally sweet, verstile, and fragrant ingredient.  So, what we are wondering is….why the inclusion of coconut?  Why would we choose a chip with coconut, such as D’vour Coconut Tortilla Chips, over other chips?  Is it simply because it’s different?  It’s healthy?  It’s tasty, but we could see how it may not appeal to everyone.  For instance, some of us at Chip Review really enjoyed the addition of coconut (underlying, sweet essence), while others said that they wouldn’t choose these over regular corn tortilla chips for any reason.  We could imagine most people being fine dipping these into salsa, and enjoying the sweet, salty, savory combo.  And some of us at Chip Review were even excited to try the chips with nachos; melting a whole bunch of cheese all over them and seeing how the sweet, salty and cheesy combo works out.

The tortilla chips themselves are of medium thickness, with black and white toasted sesame seeds strewn throughout, adding a deliciously nutty profile and dimension to the chips.  The tortilla chips have a uniquely solid crunch, with a toothsome chew.  We certainly wouldn’t call them a crispy chip, but more of a meaty, full-bodied, hearty, and somewhat grain-y, crunchy chip.  Maybe the shredded coconut actually changes the textural composition of the chips?  Not sure.  Either way, these are some rustic and sturdy chips, and most of us here quite enjoyed them.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review from Mario Camacho Foods for review

D’vour Official Website

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: D’vour Tortilla Chips made with Real Coconut – Sea Salt

    • Carmstrong – we know for sure that they are/were available at Costcos in our neck of the woods, but not too sure elsewhere. Where are you located? We could try to find out.

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