REVIEW: Cobs – Coco Crunch Popcorn

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

Cobs - Coco CrunchOkay, we are almost certain that 2015 is the year of the kernel!  We wouldn’t be at all surprised if we looked back through all of our reviews and ratings from this year so far, and ended up finding that we had tasted more new popcorn than chips!  Like we’ve said many times before, maybe we should just change our name to Popcorn Review?!  Or, at the very least dedicate another site to strictly reviewing the amazing popped kernels….(maybe we’re onto something here)!

As the story goes, it was sometime last year that we stumbled upon a bag of Cobs Cheddar Cheese Popcorn while perusing the snack aisle of our local World Market.  To say that we were thoroughly impressed by the delicious Down Under popcorn would be a grave understatement.  In all honesty it was some of the very best popcorn that we had ever tasted, from anywhere, period!  Luckily for us, someone at Cobs awesome Aussie popcorn company thought that it would be a good idea for us to review more of their popcorn, and we couldn’t agree more!!

Probably the most interesting of all of the popcorn flavors sent to us has to be this Coco Crunch!  Coco Crunch, huh, what you say??  Yep, COCO! CRUNCH!! POPCORN!!!  We can only imagine a stranger walking past as we are tasting this stuff.  After a quick double take, they quickly ask “What are you eating? No, seriously what is that stuff?  OK, but where did you get that??”  Until finally, they bravely ask “Can we try it?!”

After we so graciously proceed with sharing our uniquely flavored popcorn, we can only imagine that said popcorn eating stranger would come to the same two conclusions that we have regarding Cobs Coco Crunch.  First and foremost, this popcorn tastes EXACTLY like Kellog’s Cocoa Krispies!  Absolutely uncanny how similar the two are!  We imagine that if we put some of this popcorn in a bowl, topped it off with some milk, that within a couple of minutes we would have some of that good old delicious, sweet-chocolate-ly, Cocoa Krispies milk that youngsters everywhere covet at the end of every bowl of the snap, crackle and pop cereal!  And secondly, despite this popcorn most likely being as good as any cocoa flavored popcorn could possibly be, in our honest opinion, the combination of both was never meant to be.  Don’t take this wrong the way, we’re not saying that chocolate covered popcorn is a bad thing, but in this case what we have here is not popcorn that has been covered with chocolate, but rather a unique cocoa powder has heavily dusted the kernels and given us something truly unlike any other popcorn we have ever tried.

Unfortunately, we simply do not love it.  The popcorn itself is light and crispy, but we’re missing that crucial layer of rich, fattiness that we love from most savory popcorn; plus we would have liked some salt thrown into the mix!  Kudos to Cobs for pushing the popcorn flavor boundaries.  We more than appreciate the efforts, and we perfectly understand that to really knock one out of the park, you have a swing and miss sometimes.

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review by Cobs for review

Cobs Popcorn Official Website

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