REVIEW: Pringles Exclusive Flavor! – Jalapeño Bacon

Rating: ©©©-3/4 chips  (tolerable)

Pringles - Jalapeno BaconA few different times this year we have gone into detail on our thoughts and concerns over the controversial Exclusive Flavor!  Well, our concerns with the big blue and white behemoth Walmart being the only place to actually encompass any of these Pringles Exclusive Flavors! is now over as drug store titan Walgreens has been allowed to join the exclusive flavor club!  Maybe, the secret is that your store’s name must begin with WAL…??

Jalapeño Bacon…hmmm, and yummm!  But, have we tried these before?  We can never be too sure as to what flavors we have already tasted from Pringle’s vast flavor spectrum.  Mr. Pringles isn’t the flavor king for nothing!  In fact, we’re not quite sure if we have ever tried this flavor combination before from any snack brands?  Please excuse us while we go search the vault (cue Jeopardy music now).

We did recently review some habanero bacon tortilla chips, but that’s obviously not the same.  And, we have reviewed over 120 jalapeño flavored chips and over 30 different bacon flavored ones.  We actually have tried one cheddar-bacon-jalapeño flavored chip, but that was from Herr’s.  And, we’ve tasted jalapeno flavored crisps, and bacon flavored crisps, both from Pringles.  BUT!  We have confirmed it….we have never tried Jalapeño Bacon flavored crisps from Pringles!  You’ve done it again Pringles!

You know what these all new Pringles Exclusive Flavor! Jalapeño Bacon Potato Crisps really taste like?  Well, they taste like Pringles dusted with a combination of Pringles jalapeño, and bacon flavored seasoning blends.  The classic re-usage and combination of two preexisting flavors to create an all-new flavor – oldest chip trick in the book!  Sometimes warranted, creating a fantastic new flavor combo, and other times just because they can!

Jalapeño and bacon, each of the two, typically powerful flavors have 1) either been tamed down a bit using some sort of food magic, or 2) somehow the combination of the two together results in a more subdued version of themselves….  The chip world may never know!

Seriously, these crisps taste exactly like what we expected.  The jalapeño delivers a typical fragrant-vegetal aroma and flavor, while finishing with a semi-spicy chile heat that lingers for some time after you’ve finished.  The bacon flavor asSALTs your tongue with enough salty-salt to render an entire lake full of leeches unconscious.  The bacon also delivers the customary and unnaturally smoky essence that is meant to represent porky bacon.  The two flavors together, do not really do much for us.  They never really meld, or compliment one another.  A new classic combo like peanut butter and jelly we do not have!

In the end, the crisps aren’t bad.  We could certainly sit down, or stand up, or walk, and enjoy eating these, but we will not be traveling to Walgreens specifically grab some of the Exclusive Flavor!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Walgreens; Hillside, Illinois

Pringles Official Website

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pringles Exclusive Flavor! – Jalapeño Bacon

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  2. These chips are the worst. My 12 year old bought and ate them in the car, if I could have made him walk I would have! The smell is so strong it burnt to breathe! They are from now until he has his own car banned in our family!!!

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