REVIEW: Beanitos – Better Cheddar Pinto Bean Chips

Rating: ©©©-1/2 chips  (notable)

Beanitos - Better Cheddar Pinto BeansEverything’s better with cheddar!!  And we’re very happy to say that this statement really speaks true in this case!  Because if it didn’t, and we had to struggle through reviewing more pinto bean chips that were barely tolerable, we’re not sure if we could do it….!

Beanitos are apparently The Original Bean Chip.  The O.B.C.!  And, the O.B.C. was started by a couple of brothers who couldn’t find any healthy chip options anywhere, and decided to create some salty snacks using beans.  Why beans?  Well, according to Beanitos website:

Beans are loaded with health benefits—high in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates—but are sadly underused in the typical U.S. diet. In addition, beans are naturally low-glycemic and gluten-free. Recent medical and nutrition research suggests that a low glycemic diet that is high in healthy fiber contributes to good health and can help curb obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease!

In other words, beans are really healthy for us, but what you, and I, and they, and we, really want to know is if beans are tasty for us as well!?  We are happy to say that these specific Beanitos are more than satisfactory.  Visually, the chips are shaped very similar to your standard round tortilla chips, except that their color was rather unusual for a chip – sort of a dark brown color.  The chips actually tasted sort of like refried beans, forced into chip form.  Well, it seems like it must be unavoidable when it comes to bean chips, because these chips were no different than others we’ve tried, and contained a bit of that standard, mouth drying and slightly crumbly chip texture.  Let’s just say, we can always tell when we are eating bean chips!  No real presence of any rich, fatty, mouth-feel, just a whole bunch of Beanitos bean-ful BEAN!

The cheddar cheese seasoning was lightly dusted on the chips, and delivered a subtly funky, little tangy, and only slightly salty flavor.  We feel like the seasoning could have certainly been bumped up a flavor notch, to help add some real flavor to these chips.  Despite being very lightweight, these chips are extremely filling!!  They somehow pack a lot of healthy caloric punch into a thinner bean chip punch!

We really appreciate Beanitos success in creating a crunchy product, that is certainly a healthier option, filled with protein and fiber, but like we’ve said many times before, we’re still going to stick with our deliciously unhealthy chips when we really need our fatty chip fix!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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Beanitos Official Website

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