REVIEW: Larry The Cable Guy – Hollar-Peño Popper Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)

Larry the Cable Guy - Hollar-Peno PopperLarry The Cable Guy is back again with two all new 2015 summer flavors for us to devour and review.  Back again?….Larry The Cable Guy does chips??  If you must ponder that to yourself then you are unaware of Larry’s Tater Chips, and frankly, you have been cutting yourself short!!

As the story goes, a few years ago Mr. Cable Guy wowed our group with his initial snack release of four different bar food themed Tater Chips, with flavors such as cheese burger and fried dill pickle.  The following summer Larry switched gears and gave us two new flavors that we described as summer, outdoor-sy, picnic-barbeque “dishes”.  Last year Larry knocked our socks off with some Biscuits & Gravy flavored Tater Chips; plus some other flavor we can’t recall at this time!!

Larry The Cable Guy must know potato chips.  We like to believe that he personally taste tested each and every batch of his Tater Chip flavor recipes until he came up with final recipes that he could be proud of, to bear his name.  This summer everyone’s favorite cartoon tow truck is back again, and first up on our tasting docket are his Hollar-Peño Popper Potato Chips.

Let us just start everything out by saying that these are most definitely not just another jalapeño flavored chip.  Initial tasting thoughts, these are lip-smackingly fantastic, and amazingly do taste an awful lot like jalapeño poppers!!  Upon tossing a chip into our mouth, our tongues were welcomed with a lovely embrace from a sort of fatty coating layer that set the mood, flavor, and pace for the rest of the tater tasting experience!  Next up, the unmistakeably fragrant and vegetable jalapeño chile flavor arrived with a boom-pow!  The heat seemed subtle at first, but the longer we let it settle in, the hotter it became.  Certainly not among the spiciest chips out there, but we could see these being too spicy for some people.  On the tail end of the flavor arrived that subtle, creamy, coolness meant to represent the jalapeño popper’s cream cheese filling.  And you know what?  It really did!!  The touch of buttermilk among the ingredients really drove the flavor execution home.

As for Larry’s potato chips, they are on the thinner side, and many of the chips still have their skins on them.  Really, they are just good old, “real” potato chips with a crispy-soft crunch.  The chips provide the prerequisite delicious potato flavor, and a perfect delivery device for all of Larry’s unique seasonings.

Overall, these Tater Chips were extremely well balanced!  Plenty of jalapeño heat, a dollop of creamy cheese, and a splash of salt.  These chips are 100% savory, and definitely up there among our top 2 or 3 Larry Tater Chips ever!!  This Cable Guy really seems to know how to get’r done! when it comes to chips!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by KLN  for review

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