REVIEW: Jalapeño Poppers Puffed Corn Snacks

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Jalapeno PoppersThe no name – generic Jalapeño Poppers to your left were recently discovered at everyone’s favorite global bonanza (aka World Market of course!).  And let’s just say that this puffed corn snack have some good things going on, but a lot more bad things!

First of all, whose corn puffs are these??  Come’on, no brand name of any type on the front of the bag!  If these are any good, then someone should pony up to creating them!  A quick glance to the fine print on the back of the bag shows that these puffs are distributed by Cost Plus, Inc.  They must be affiliated with World Market in some way, shape or form.  Either way, we are not enthusiastic with these from the start!

Secondly, the bright green bag to your left is quite a bit taller than most snack bags we have encountered, but upon opening this green bag we discovered that it was literally 2/3rds empty.  Now, we are not typically pessimistic – 1/2 bag empty sort of people, but when a lot more than 1/2 of the actual bag is empty, then we are a bit annoyed and disappointed!!  That’s strike two, let’s just hope that these taste better than they do at making a first appearance!

Visually, these Jalapeño Poppers are a bit odd.  Whereas most cheese puffs are cylindrical in shape, with a slight curl to them, these puffs were practically rectangular, with not much curl to them at all.  The corn meal extruder used for these must have been more square in shape than circular.  Not sure if this is some sort of difference the no-name company was going for or what, but it did not do anything for us.

As for the Jalapeño Poppers Puffs themselves, well, they are crispy, but dry and without any good richness to them.  Wait, maybe these are low-fat or something…?  We’re not seeing any mention of any type of calorie reduction provided by these.  The nutrition facts show 8g of fat per serving.  Certainly not fat free, or low calorie in any way, but 8g is less fat than traditional cheese puffs delivers. Low-fat or not, we want some rich, fatty, cheesy, mouth melting texture when we enjoy our cheese puffs, and these just do not deliver!
The only saving grace for the Jalapeño Poppers would be their flavor!  A fresh and bright vegetal jalapeño flavor hits the tongue with a welcome BAM!  Nothing too spicy or anything, but certainly a moderate level of heat that retains for quite a while.  Combined with a “Mexican Cheese flavor” says the front of the bag.  Not exactly sure what type of Mexican cheese these no-name puffs are talking about, but we’re guessing that it is more likely the generic, shredded blend hanging in every grocery store, than any sort of combination of queso Oaxaca or fresco!!  Whatever it is, it delivers plenty of salt, and a little bit of tang (but still missing any real creamy-fatty-cheesy essence!).
We won’t be running back to World Market to pick up another bag of these anytime soon, but if we happen to stop by a cheese puff party and these were available, we’d be alright chomping on them!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at World Market; Oakbrook, IL

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