REVIEW: International Popcorn – Everything Bagel Popcorn

Rating: ©©©©-1/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

International Popcorn - Everything BagelIs popcorn the new universally adored crunchy go-to?!  Has it replaced chips or crisps as the language of snacks?!  If so, then International Popcorn makes total sense, and if not, well…at least we get to eat some more popcorn!

See, we told you that it was going to be popcorn crazy around here for a while, and we weren’t kiddin’!!!  We have so many different bags of popcorn to try and review!  It ridicu-POP-olis!!  Not that we are complaining in any way, shape or form, because we do love popcorn, and someone’s got to do it!

What is your favorite bagel flavor or type?  If you are like us, and you answer that question with Everything of course, then we like your style, and we’re fairly certain that you would really like this popcorn!  First and foremost, the seasoning is SPOT ON!!  If we had approached this popcorn with a blind eye, we still could have identified the flavor without a doubt, in not time at all.  Poppy seeds?  Check.  Sesame seeds?  Check.  Onion, garlic and salt??  Check – check – check!  To say that the flavor combination works would be silly as this traditional bagel flavor has been pleasing bagel lovers like us for many a year!  But, the real question is does this seasoning mix mingle well with popcorn?  We are very pleased to report that for the most part, YES IT DOES!!

International Popcorn has created a new salty snack combo that we have never tasted before.  Their popcorn is light and crispy, and yet full-bodied and toothsome.  The popcorn provides a perfect canvas to support and highlight the bold seasoning combination.  The one complaint that some of our tasters made mention of was that they felt like the popcorn was missing some aspect of richness, or creaminess, and that it came off a touch dry.  Other tasters felt like the coconut oil utilized by International Popcorn more than satisfied their fatty mouth feel craving.  Either way you crunch it, all tasters agreed that the seasoning was accurate, and worked with well with the popcorn.  So, if you happen to be looking for a healthier alternative to your calorie loaded everything bagel then help yourself to some International Popcorn!

As always, these are our thoughts. Agree or disagree, make sure to let us know.

Popcorn provided to Chip Review by International Popcorn for review

International Popcorn Official Website

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