REVIEW: Doritos JACKED 3D – Bacon Cheddar Ranch

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

Doritos Jacked 3D - Bacon Cheddar RanchDear Doritos,

We know that we have been consistently complaining about your JACKED line of chips for…well…since their beginning.  But, the fact of the matter is that when we look back through our reviews of your JACKED chips we actually find an awful lot of good, and even great, chips distributed throughout the JACKED roster!  Which is why we offer you the following confession:

We here at Chip Review have told ourselves that we are not the hugest fans of the JACKED line from Doritos.  However, despite the fact that we may not agree with the decision to change Doritos’ classic, light and crispy, tortilla chip to a BIGGER & THICKER version, we do recognize the reasoning behind it.  We simply feel like the chips are too big, and their texture is so thick that they no longer encompass the same light and crispy Doritos we have all loved for so many years.  That being said, the JACKED chip texture is slowly growing on us (especially the new 3D version), and when combined with your delicious BOLDER seasoning, the results more often than not we must admit, are some pretty great tasting chips!

How many of you out there remember Doritos original 3D chips??  If you do not, then you are younger than us, and you make us feel old!  Stop that right now!!  3Ds were a great snack from the 90’s, that most of us here at Chip Review enjoyed many a time.  The originals were light as air, soft crisp, with a very thin shell, and hollow in the middle.  The 3Ds were much too easy to pop one by one, over and over, until the bottom of that bag appeared.  They were unlike any other chip available on the market, and it appears as though Doritos is going for the gold medal in chip creativity once again!

Just look at that glowing Triforce shaped medallion chip above!  Have you ever seen, or eaten, anything quite like that before?!  Well, we have not, and we’re guessing that you have not either.  We have heard the 3Ds described as an Illuminati Symbol, or Egyptian Hieroglyphic, or our personal favorite, as ancient currency, used to buy things from a Mayan vending machine…  Plain and simple, these are some uniquely weird shaped chips no matter how you describe them!  Doritos you have wowed us again!

While technically speaking every Dorito that we have ever tasted has been of the three dimensional shape, these 3Ds do provide even more dimensional depth than any other Doritos, JACKED or otherwise, chips that came before!  For a second here let’s focus on what the heck these structures are…  This is 2015, and apparently, no longer will a thin-shelled, puffed, three dimensional Dorito from the past do the necessary snack trick.  Instead, Doritos top engineers have obliterated whatever drawing board they may have ever used, and veered towards ingenious structural JACKED creativity!!  These chips are cool!  These chips are originals!!  These chips are, not really even chips any longer!!!  The 3Ds are much more like Fritos corn chips in both flavor (corn-ful), and texture (dense crunch).  Albeit, corn chips that have been stacked and fused together to form a crunchy corn triangular pendant.  Do we love the shape?  Not really, but our mouths apparently do!  Because no matter how hard we tried, we could not stop ourselves from devouring them, one after one, until there were no more!

As for the scrumptuously sounding Bacon Cheddar Ranch seasoning… Well, these were not a hit.  A let down in fact.  We were certainly not as impressed with the BCRs as we were with the first JACKED 3D flavor – Jalapeño Pepper Jack.  Plain and simple, this is just a super mild Doritos flavor.  And mild and Doritos are two words that just don’t work together.    A little salty cheddar sprinkling here, a touch of fake smoke bacon there, and an unrecognizable (Cool) ranch do not work well together; especially when paired with the hearty, corn-ful 3D chips!  We wanted or expected more.  NO! We needed more!

Well, there you have it.  Anyone else out there tried them yet?  Thoughts?  As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Chips discovered at Walmart; Countryside, Illinois

Doritos Official Website

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