REVIEW: Engine Co. 51 – Hot Cheese Popcorn

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Engine No. 51 - Hot Cheese PopcornWeeeeuuuuu!!  Weeeeuuuuu!! (firetruck sirens….right?….no?….how would you spell them?!?).  Either way, somebody better call the fire station because it is getting HOT IN HERE!!!

Speaking of HOT, we have tasted, rated, and reviewd many, many, many different hot, or spicy, or what ever flamin’ adjective you want to use, snacks over the years; and many of those snacks have been hot popcorn.

Some of the popcorn has been really, really good (such as Jenny’s Old Fashioned and Chef’s Shoppe), and many of them, only so so!  Engine Co. 51’s Hot Cheese Popcorn is a great addition, to our hot popcorn line-up, and would probably fall somewhere in the top 1/3rd tier overall.  And we certainly like Engine 51’s Hot Cheese Popcorn more than their Hot Ripple Potato Chips!

If we had thought that Engine 51’s Ripple Chips were pretty darn hot, little did we know that we hadn’t tried anything yet!  Their popcorn’s hot & spicy cheese seasoning blend really let us know where it stood right away, and had us wishing that Engine 51’s fire truck water hose was somewhere nearby cooling down our mouths!  Seriously, these are holy $%#& ‘no joke’ sort of hot!  An immediately intense heat that grew, and grew, and then lingered for quite an uncomfortable amount of time.  Yowza!!

The popcorn did encompass some other seasoning as well.  In the beginning of the tasting we could actually taste a touch of the cheesy, salty, smoky, tangy notes, and it was pretty delicious, but that soon shifted to pretty much heat only.  Those other flavors were dwarfed by the heat’s powerful presence, and by the end all we could taste was fire!

The popcorn itself was crispy, light and fresh.  Purely satisfactory, no complaints there.

Engine 51 has arrived, and is really bringing the heat!!  Can’t wait to try their Hot Curls!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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