Introducing Bijou-Review

Hello Chip Review readers!  How are things?  Good we hope!  Can’t complain here!

Yusho Chicken Skin ChipsAs you may or may not have noticed our number of reviews recently has been pretty minimal – what maybe one or two, every other week? – and for this we apologize.  All we can say is that for a multitude of different reasons, we have found it more and more difficult to find time to sit down and type out a full review.  However, be not afraid, we think that the answer to this dilemma resides in our new Bijou-Review!  What the heck is a Bijou-Review?  Well, in short, a Bijou-Review will be a very condensed version of one of our usual reviews.  The CliffsNotes if you will.  Just our tasting thoughts – short, condensed, and sweet.  In other words a Bijou-Review will likely not be as much fun to read, none of our witty and whimsical written word; but if you are looking for something more than just our rating of the chips, or all you really want to know is what do these taste like?  Well then our new Bijou-Review should suffice.

As always, thanks so much for sticking around and reading our reviews!  And, just so you can see what one of these new Bijou-Reviews will look like, it should be landing in your inbox any minute now!  Happy crunching!!

Chip Review


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