REVIEW: Pringles Exclusive Flavor! – Bourbon Barbecue Chicken

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Prinlges - Bourbon BBQExtra! Extra! Read all about it!  Another all new Exclusive Flavor from Pringles has hit the store shelves!! And this Exclusive Flavor belongs to…..drum roll please….everyone’s favorite, dollar section near the front doors, Archer Farms selling, giant red bullseye – TARGET!  As far as we know it, this marks Target’s very first Pringles exclusive flavor, right?  The vast majority of Pringles Exclusive Flavors thus far have belonged to Walmart, with one, maybe two flavors being carried elsewhere.  Well, here’s hoping Target’s first is a goodie!

Sorry Marvo, didn’t want to be the ones to burst your high hopes bubble, but these are just…OK.  Not nearly as unique or tasty as Pringles Kickin’ Chicken Taco.  Not necessarily bad in any way, just not very unique or original either.  We are certain that if we wouldn’t have read the flavor name before eating these, there is no way we would have been able to pinpoint anything unique about them, and simply called them BBQ flavored.

Speaking of that Bourbon Barbecue Chicken flavor…when we first saw this flavor we had visions of one of our favorite sticky chicken dishes, from one of our favorite Minnesota chain restaurants – Leeann Chin.  BUT, as it turns out, our idea, or vision, of these Pringles should have been more Kentucky BBQ than American-Chinese carryout!

Well, since we are calling this a review, we better say at least something about the crisps themselves (although, we’re going to be honest, we don’t really have very much to say).  Have you ever tried bbq flavored Pringles?  Well then, you already sort of know what these taste like.  Standard Pringles potato crisps – salty, crunchy, stacked – check.  The seasoning was a little bit darker in color than a standard bbq red.  And the Bourbon Barbecue Chicken flavor was maybe a little bit richer, deeper, and what we can only describe as more caramel-ly…if that makes any sense?!?  We can say that we did sort of, way, way, way at the tail end of the flavor catch a hint of chicken presence.  Again, there is no way to be certain that we would have tasted this chicken flavor note without knowing that it should be there.

Overall, the flavor is pretty good, no real complaints, other than just nothing very unique or original about it.  We’re sort of wishing that Pringles had actually gone more along the lines of our original Leean Chin thoughts of the flavor!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Target; Hillside, Illinois

Pringles Official Website

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