BIJOU-REVIEW: Engine Co. 51 – Hot Curls

Rating: ©©© chips  (notable)

Engine Co 51 - Hot CurlsWe are always excited to see any new addition to the spicy-flamin’-hot curls family!  And, we were especially looking forward to crunching Engine Co. 51’s variation after loving their Hot Popcorn , and after reading Taquitos’ glowing review.

Unfortunately, neither of those precursors ended up being a good indication of the quality of these Hot Curls!  We simply did not love them.

Appearance wise, Engine Co. 51’s curls looked just like any other spicy curl.

The curls’ mouth texture was dense, with an almost stale chew to them.  We would have liked a lot fresher crispy crunch.

As for the bright red seasoning that liberally coated each curl, well, it brought none of the usual tangy, mouth burning heat that we’ve come to love.  And we would have hoped that if the “hot” curls weren’t bringing the spicy pain they would have at least been flavorful but they also weren’t even that cheesy.  Just a couple of notes of garlic and salt.

Not Engine Co. 51’s best showing!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

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