REVIEW: Rocky Mountain Popcorn Sinfully Thin – SuperPop Popcorn (Herb & Spice with Kale & Pomegranate)

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Rocky Mountain Singully Thin - Super PopHerb, and spice, and kale, and pomegranate…huh???  Does that flavor combination sound appealing?!  And, even more importantly, does the combo sound appealing on popcorn?!?  Unusual?  Yes. Intriguing?  Sure!  Appealing?  Not so much!!

But wait, just when we thought this popcorn couldn’t possibly get any weirder, the flavor plot thickens.  A quick glance at the ingredients list on the back of the bag and we learn that this “SuperPop” flavor actually includes even more than the front of the bag initially reveals. Let’s see here, beyond the kale and pomegranate there is of course both garlic and onion (prerequisites for every seasoning since the beginning of time), as well as, dill, rosemary and celery seeds!! That’s right, just when we thought this flavor was weird enough already, it got weirder!!  We are 100% sure that it is safe for us to say that this is the only kale-pomegranate-garlic-onion-dill-rosemary-celery seed popcorn that we have ever, and will ever try!

Initial thoughts, no big surprise, we don’t like it!  The flavor just doesn’t jive with our taste buds.  Lets break it down.  The rosemary is very apparent right away, and then there is sort of a sour fruity note (pomegranate we assume) that encapsulates the palate. The garlic is also very apparent and seemed really out of place at first.  Not sure if we could actually taste any of the little green kale flecks scattered all over the kernels (but, regardless of actual taste, they did make us feel like we were eating healthy, so they did their presumed job).

As we continued our struggle of examining this popcorn something changed somewhere along the line.  Slowly, but steadily, the seasoning actually began to grow on us.  And, believe it or not, but by the time we reached the bottom the bag, we may have even said that we were practically enjoying this popcorn!  What happened?  Why did our opinion change?  We aren’t exactly sure.  Maybe our taste buds were so perplexed that they simply gave in!!  Please do understand that this flavor probably wouldn’t appeal to most, but there was just something about it that sort of worked on a really, really weird level.

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Popcorn discovered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Official Website

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