REVIEW: Hot-Headz – Chipotle Mustard Mildly Spiced Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©-3/4 chips  (lip-smacking)

Hot Heads - Chipotle MustardWhat flavor are these?

Are these Chicago Dog flavored?!?

Oh, Chipotle Mustard…huh?  Well, that is a unique new one, but I’m going to stand by my Chicago Dog flavor because that’s even more unique, and sounds delicious too, right?!?  Who’s with me?  (says one Chip Review taster as we sample Hot-Headz Chipotle Mustard Mild Chilli Chips)

Honestly, after we tasted a few more chips and thought about it for a minute, Chicago Dog flavor was not too far off from what these lip-smacking potato chips actually taste like.  You get a tiny touch of the hot dog meaty essence from the smoke of the chipotle chile.  There’s a good punch of chile heat, coming from a combination of the chipotle, and its un-smoked sibling the jalapeño chiles; both together providing the ample mouth burn that typically accompanies the sport peppers (pickled serranos) that come on a Chicago Dog.  Okay, so there may be no tomato, or celery salt, but there is actually a sprinkling of onion powder, so we can check that ingredient off the list as well.  And lastly, there is of course the star of the show (for these chips at least), a whole bunch of hot dog’s favorite yellow condiment MUSTARD!  So, maybe it is a little bit of a stretch to compare Hot-Headz chips to what we, and Anthony Bourdain call the best hot dogs in the country, but for those of us who know our Chi Dogs, the comparison is undeniable!!

Hot-Headz refers to the Chipotle Mustard flavor as the mildly spiced one within their potato chip line-up, but we’ll be the first to tell you that some of our tasters were feeling the burn from this “mild heat!”  First, the chips get you with a nice slap of that nasal-ly mustard burn.  Then, slowly but surely the chipotle (along with it’s unsmoked,  green, more vegetal version, the jalapeño) creeps up the back of the throat, and the tongue, and burns just a little…then a little more…and then, by the end, a good decent amount!  Heat seekers would not be floored by these chips, but they should at least acknowledge the heat, and even more importantly, they should appreciate the fantastic flavor!

The potato chips themselves are solid as well.  A little more toothsome than a “typical” kettle cooked potato chip.  And they don’t have that extra crispy-crisp to them, but more of a decently crispy crunch. Golden hue in color from the peanut oil, with a fairly nuetral potato canvas, perfect for flavor delivery!

Overall, just some really great chips from Hot-Heads!  Zingy, pungent, spicy, and a very flavorful combo!!  Now the question is, should we even try to attempt the chips they call Inferno Habanero?!?!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Hot-Headz for review

Hot-Headz Official Website

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