REVIEW: Ruffles – All Dressed Potato Chips

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Ruffles - All DressedFINALLY!  We have found you!! We’ve been hearing rumors about this new Ruffles flavor for some time now, and just yesterday they finally appeared on our local grocery store shelves. The funny thing is that not only did they appear at the grocery store but then when we stopped by a random gas station and wouldn’t you know it, they had them now too. Made a quick stop at the local pharmacy, sure enough, tons of new bags of Ruffles All Dressed!  We started to wonder if we were seeing things?! Was this all a dream?!?  Had we just missed them up until now?  Were these chips not even really ‘all dressed’?  WERE WE EVEN DRESSED!?!?  No longer were we worried about acquiring these illusive new Ruffles, but rather finding our clothes and rectifying this common reoccurring nightmare!  Okay, deep breath, we’re fine, we’re ‘all dressed’ and so are the chips!

These are not the first All Dressed flavored potato chips that we have tried. Granted the other brands that we have tried have all been generic private labeled grocery line brands, so in essence that would make these the first ones that we have seen or tasted from any of the “big name” chip companies.

Are you familiar with the ‘All Dressed’ flavor?!  No?  Well, according to the back of the Ruffles bag:  In America it just means that you are wearing all of your clothes. But, in Canada ‘All Dressed’ actually means delicious ridgy chips that somehow taste salty, savory, & sweet all at the same time.

There you have it.  The flavor is Canadian, we get that much.  But, we don’t really appreciate Ruffles vague and frankly uninformative description of what Canada’s delicious ‘All Dressed’ flavor really is! First of all, pretty sure (maybe we are wrong) ‘All Dressed’ does not mean delicious ridgy chips, that would just be Ruffles trying to say that their chips represent all ‘All Dressed’ chips, when in fact the best ‘All Dressed’ chips that we have ever tried were not of the ripple/wavy/ruffle variety! Secondly, what sort of flavor description is salty, savory, & sweet all at the same time? Come’on Ruffles, that’s just lazy and ambiguous – we know plenty of flavors that fall within those descriptors!

Ruffles ‘All Dressed’ seasoning is quite a bit more savory than other ‘dressed’ chips that we have tried. Rather then embracing, and highlighting, the sour vinegar tang (which we tend to like), Ruffles has opted for a more subtle flavor combination. Only a hint of vinegar really shines through. Some smoke, onion, garlic, and paprika provide those savory notes, and frankly trigger thoughts of your typical BBQ flavor.  In fact, that’s what it is, Ruffles ‘All Dressed’ chips taste a LOT like traditional BBQ flavored chips, with maybe the tiniest twist. There is also plenty of sugary sweetness to go around.  And, there is of course salt, because these are potato chips we are talking about.  So, in that aspect maybe Ruffles flavor description wasn’t completely inaccurate, the chips were salty, savory, & sweet all at the same time, but they certainly weren’t anything new to the flavor game!

As for the potato chips themselves, they were the same old Ruffles thinner rippled potato chips – classically greasy, crispy and delicious!

For another more positive review, check out Kevin’s thoughts over @ The Impulsive Buy.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at Jewell Osco; Westchester, Illinois

Ruffles Official Website

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ruffles – All Dressed Potato Chips

  1. Just finished eating a bag of these. Was hooked by the claim on the bag that this is the #1 flavor in Canada. Ultimately a bit underwhelming, they are basically BBQ chips with the slightest hint of vinegar. Meh.

  2. From my understanding, there’s a difference in flavour between the Cdn version of All Dressed chips and the American version. If you can try to get the Cdn one.

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