REVIEW: Wausome Wafers Cheese Crisps – Clever Cheddar

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Wausome Wafers Cheese Crisps - Clever CheddarWe have an entirely new one here!!  Wausome Wafers?  If you have never had, then let us inform you, that yes you do Wausome Wafers!  The question will be, how many?!

Let’s try and break these down for you.  Are you a cheese lover?  Perhaps a fan of all things cheese related?  Do you find yourself ordering the cheese plate over other sweet items on the dessert menu?  Is your idea of the perfect sandwich a melt-y grilled cheese?  Have you never spoken the word burger, without cheese preceding it?  Is your favorite pasta mac n cheese, but the way you prepare it, requires it to be called cheese n mac!  If you relate to any of the above, or especially more than one of the above, then we’re pretty sure that Wausome Wafers Cheese Crisps are right up your alley!

Probably the best, or at least easiest, way to describe these coin shaped, orange-ish hued, crisps are super-cheesy-cheese to the maximum.  Just a simple incarnation of cheese at its purest.  Really crispy, and a touch oily, probably from the cheese’s natural fats.  The cheddar cheese is rich, and nutty, with a heavy dose of umami flavor and mouthfeel engulfing the taste buds.  No additional seasoning seemed to be added to the crisps, but some of us at Chip Review thought that they may have actually benefited from a sprinkling of salt (but that could be just us).

After eating our way through the tiny, but rich, bag of cheese crisps, we developed a couple of questions that we would like to ask Wausome Wafers:
First of all, we aren’t experts on cheese by any means, but isn’t most cheese supposed to be refrigerated?  If we had to guess as to why these crisps no longer require refrigeration it would be due to most, if not all, moisture being removed from the cheese during their creation process.
And secondly, is Wausome Wafers a little unsure of their target audience?  Or, maybe a more appropriate question would be, is Wausome Wafers unsure as to whether or not consumers will want to eat a bag full of crispy cheese (regardless of how small) all on its own?   We ask this for two reasons 1) because some of our tasters commented that they could only eat a few crisps before deciding that they had already had enough.  Granted, these tasters were very impressed by the flavor and overall cheesyness of the crisps, they were simply too rich and potent to enjoy very many of them on their own.  And 2) because before we even glanced at the back of the Wausome Wafers bag, almost every single one of our tasters commented on how these crisps would work well on a salad, or with some fruit, or as an accompaniment to a cheese tray.  In other words, as a complimentary addition to some other dish.  And then we glanced at the back of Wausome Wafers bag, only to find out that they feel the same say?!  Indicating that their crisps are “great alone….” but “tasty with dips or sauces, amazing on salad and simply delish over soup or chili!!”
In the end, everyone agreed that Wausome Wafers is a great product.  Beautiful, high-end packaging.  21 grams of protein?!  Who doesn’t love the sound of that?  A creative, and well executed product, but it will push you to your cheese limits!

As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Crisps provided to Chip Review by Wausome Wafers for review

Wausome Foods Official Website

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