25 Chips to Christmas….


Fire Corn – Jalapeño -&- White Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn – AND – Chef’s Shoppe – Sriracha -&- Beer Popcorn

Fire Corn - Jalapeno PopcornChef's Shoppe - Sriracha PopcornFire Corn - White Cheddar Jalapeno PopcornChef's Shoppe

Original Reviews Here and Here and Here and……Here

OK, hold on, wait a second.  Before you start calling us names like “cheaters” for choosing four different bags of popcorn, from two different companies, as the number 1 “chip” (sorry chips – but popcorn rules this year!!) on our list this year, just hear us out.  This year we reviewed an unprecedented number of different brands, and flavors, and types of popcorn – somewhere in the realm of 40 or so.  That’s about a third of all of our reviews from 2015.  Among those 40, there were four bags that stood so far apart from the rest of the popcorn (and chip) field that we new without any doubt that we were crunching on pure popcorn perfection!  But the thing was, or is, we can’t seem to choose any one of these above the rest.  They are all perfect in their own ways, and to call one better than any of the other four would just be wrong.  In fact, we can’t wait for the day when we take one bag of each of these different flavors of popcorn and mix them all together in a bowl to make the ULTIMATE SUPER POPCORN!!

And that wraps things up for us here at Chip Review.  We hope you have enjoyed counting down through this year’s best with us, as much as we have enjoyed reflecting back upon it.  We hop you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  We will be back at it with all new deliciously crunchy reviews in 2016 – stay tuned!

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