Chip Review’s 25 Chips to Christmas – 2015

Another year, and another new notch in our belts here at Chip Review!

It’s that time of year again when we just need to say that it has been a true pleasure sharing our thoughts with all of you as we chomped our way through hundreds of bags.  Thanks to all of you who follow us each and every day.  We appreciate it, and we wouldn’t be here without each and everyone of you!!  Also, a very special thanks to those snack companies who graciously provided their products for us to review.  It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

Stay tuned for new reviews beginning in 2016, but until then please enjoy as we count down our 25 most favorite salty (and sweet, and spicy) snacks of the year.  That’s right, one snack everyday until Santa delivers next year’s bounty!  This year is far and away our most uniquely diverse list of snacks yet!!  Who would have thought one year ago that 2015’s Top 25 list would include: not only one, but two rolled tortilla/taquito-style snacks, and not one, but two waffle/criss-cut potato chips.  As well as chips, sorry we mean crisps, from across the pond, and more bags of popcorn than we can count with one hand!!  Get ready for the wild ride!


#1 Fire Corn – Jalapeño -&- White Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn – AND – Chef’s Shoppe – Sriracha -&- Beer Popcorn

#2 Rusty’s Island Chips – Potato Chips

#3 Barcel Takis – Xplosion (cheese and chilli pepper)

#4 Doritos Dinamita – Mojo Criollo

#5 Keogh’s – Shamrock and Sour Cream Potato Crisps

#6 Manomasa – Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper – and – Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Tortilla Chips

#7 Hot-Headz – Chipotle Mustard Mildly Spiced Potato Chips

#8 Old Dutch Appetizers on the Go Ripples – Jalapeño Cream Cheese Poppers Potato Chips

#9 Lay’s – Do Us a Flavor Finalist – New York Reuben Potato Chips

#10 Trader Joe’s – Ghost Pepper Lattice Cut Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

#11 Pop Art – Thai Coconut Curry Gourmet Popcorn

#12 Late July – Bacon Habanero Clasico Tortilla Chips

#13 Kettle Brand – Red Curry Potato Chips

#14 Dakota Style – Cayena Chips de Caldera (Cayenne Kettle Chips)

#15 The Original Charley’s Chips “Famous” Fresh Tortilla Chips

#16 Diego’s Hot & Spicy – Red Chile Potato Chips -y – Fuego Potato Chips

#17 It’s Freakin’ Awesome Nosh Bag – & – Wicked Mix – Chocolate-Laced

#18 Broad Ripple Chip Co. Potato Chips

#19 Cape Cod – Kettle Cooked Waffle Cut – Farm Stand Ranch – & – Barbeque Ranch

#20 Alaska Chip Co. – Theatre Style Buttered Popcorn – & – Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

#21 Nick’s – Flamin’ Hot Sauce Crunchy Cheese Curls

#22 Lay’s Kettle Cooked – Do Us a Flavor Finalist – Greektown Gyro Potato Chips

#23 Larry The Cable Guy – Hollar-Peño Popper Potato Chips

#24 Hometown Bagel – Chicago Style Jalapeño Bagel Chips

#25 Doritos JACKED 3D – Jalapeño Pepper Jack

2015 Honorable Mentions

**Chip Review’s Top 25 list of the Year consists of chips that we tasted and reviewed during the 2015 calendar year for the first time.  The chips are not necessarily new to the industry, but they were new to Chip Review in 2015!

2 thoughts on “Chip Review’s 25 Chips to Christmas – 2015

  1. We were really hooked on the kettle chips and now that you’ve changed and are cooking them in new oil we will have to find a replacement. I didn’t even read the bag at first, then I tasted the chips and was greatly disappointed. I thought maybe it was just a bad batch, then I read the bag. Really disappointed in the flavor. Hopefully someday you’ll go backto the old way of cooking these. Until then I’m looking for a new brand

    • @ Eileen – we appreciate your comments; however we are not sure as to who’s chips you are referring to?? We only review chips here at Chip Review, we do not sell or make chips. Thanks for checking out our site!

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