REVIEW: Garden of Eatin’ – Kale Tortilla Chips

Rating: ©©-1/4 chips  (tolerable)

Garden of Eatin' - Kale ChipsHey, have any of you out there heard of this leafy green roughage they call kale yet?  Oh, you have??  Just kidding, of course we have heard of kale, how could we not have!  Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you go you practically can’t escape it?!  Heck, even the grocery store “junk food” aisles have included chips made from kale for quite some time.  Although, we have discovered that we like, or can at least tolerate, snacks that are flavored with kale much more than kale chips themselves!  As for these new Garden of Eatin’ “Kale Chips”, we would include them in the latter, as they are predominantly made of corn, but they are still not very delicious.

We can admit it, we have actually made our own kale chips at home, using just some oil and salt, and baking them until they become really crispy.  And you know what? They really aren’t half bad (better than any we have bought in a package); but then again a large portion of them tasting “not half bad” likely comes from the fact that we are proud of ourselves for eating something healthy.

So, the question is, do we still feel like we are eating something healthy when we cram handfuls of corn tortilla chips into our mouths, that have likely been fried in oil, but that do include the super food kale, somewhere in the mix.  Yeah, we’re not quite convinced that we are.  Sure, healthier than other junk foods, but still corn tortilla chips nonetheless, and the fact of the matter is, corn tortilla chips that don’t taste like much.

If we do taste any bits of flavor they predominantly seem to be coming from what the back of the bag describes as Garden of Eatin’s Vegetable Blend (sweet potato, tomato, carrot, onion, and garlic). We definitely taste hints of onion and garlic, and then the rest is sort of a blurry, savory, vegetal essence that just wafts over the palette. The flavor really is not appealing in any way to us.

The tortilla chips themselves are very lightly salted. The corn tortilla triangles are stone ground, and our mouths could actually tell the difference. They deliver a hearty toothsome crunch that we really enjoyed, but the seasoning is simply too mediocre to overcome.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at Whole Foods; Willowbrook, Illinois

Garden of Eatin’ Official Website

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