REVIEW: Trader Joe’s – Sriracha Lattice Cut Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

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Trader Joe's Lattice Cut - SrirachaAs we snatched that bright red, hopefully promising, bag of kettle cooked potato chips from off the store shelf we paused for a second, and realized that it had been quite a long time between Trader Joe’s visits.  Which made us sad.  Shame on us Chip Review.  SHAME ON US!  Luckily, TJ’s delicious Sriracha chips turned our frowns upside down, and made us happy!

You know how we know that it has been a long time since our last TJ’s visit?  Well, this visit was our first time seeing the lattice cut sriracha flavored potato chips (and it’s not like we somehow over looked the bold, electric-red bag of sriracha flavored chips).  And we know that they have been available for a while now as they were SPOTTED over two months ago on The Impulsive Buy, and very positively reviewed nearly just as long ago by What’s Good at Trader Joe’s?

First of all, can we just point out the ferocious looking creature who appears as though it is about to smash a giant stack of lattice cut potato chips.  According to our younger chip reviewers this creature is obviously a dragon cat; and apparently there are plenty of examples of this out there on the internets!  Quite frankly, we don’t get it.  We don’t understand the correlation between the uber popular Thai hot sauce, and the winged feline?!?  Now, if TJ’s would have gone with a cat rooster, or a rooster dragon, now that is something we would associate with sriracha!  But what do we know, maybe dragon cats are popular in Thailand?

Trader Joe’s Sriracha Lattice Cut Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are lip-smackingly tasty…..but we feel like we may have already told you that….last year!  Okay, while technically we are reviewing them for the very first time, we sort of feel like we reviewed, and praised, these chips last year, only they were called Ghost Pepper Lattice Cut Kettle Cooked Potato Chips…  Yes, we know that those were different chips (at least we are supposed to think they were), but hear us out here!

Touch of sweet, good dash of salt, lots of vegetal and fruity chili pepper notes, and we love-love-loved the splash of tangy vinegar and citric acid.  Of course there is some onion and garlic are in there (mandatory in every seasoning it seems)….That’s right, we said it, there is a touch of heat that alludes to the threat of tongue burning heat but never really gets anywhere near it.  In fact, the heat doesn’t even really build after many repeat visits to the delicious chip bag!  That is not to say that there is no heat whatsoever because there is a bit of tongue tickle, just nothing to the extent that we would have expected from the ghost pepper!

The above italics were taken straight from our Ghost Pepper review, however for the the most part, a large portion of these descriptions could be used to describe Trader Joe’s Sriracha chips.  We would be willing to bet A LOT of $$$ that TJ’s did not start from scratch with their sriracha recipe, and much of the inspiration for derived from the ghost pepper recipe!  Is this a bad thing?  Certainly not, especially when the ghost pepper chips were so lip-smacking!!

Overall, we liked these sriracha chips quite a bit.  If you like sriracha hot sauce, and you like crispy potato chips, then you would certainly like these.  Sriracha may not yet be as popular of a flavor as say nacho cheese, or barbeque, but it is sure making a run for it, and as far as the dozen or so sriracha flavored chips we have tried thus far, these are definitely somewhere in the top 5!

These are our thoughts, agree or disagree, make sure to let us know!

Chips discovered at Trader Joes; La Grange, Illinois

Trader Joe’s Official Website

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