REVIEW: Tostitos – Salsa Verde (Mexico)

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

Tostitos - Salsa VerdePretty sure that we have pointed this out before but just in case we haven’t, or in case you didn’t read that particular review; have you ever noticed how the ‘T’s and ‘I’ in Tostitos appear to be two people dipping a triangular tortilla chip (one could assume a Tostitos’ chip) into a red dot most likely meant to represent a bowl of salsa.  Clever, and at the same time subtle enough that we don’t typically notice this.

We surprisingly discovered these Salsa Verde flavored Tostitos at the Hinsdale Tollway Oasis 7-eleven gas station, just off of 294 south.  We say surprisingly not because we don’t typically find chips at a 7-eleven gas station (heck, they even have their own line of sometimes impressive 7 Select chips), but surprisingly because we never expected to see a small rack of chips, all of which were Frito Lay, but more importantly, all of which were from Mexico!  That’s right, these Tostitos Salsa Verde are not a Tostitos flavor offered here in the U.S. To obtain these chips one would have to either travel to Mexico, or find some unique gas station that has decided to stock a small selection of Mexican Fritos Lay chips.

As some of you may know, Doritos Salsa Verde chips are easily in our Top 5 chips of all-time.  For the longest time they were THE TOP CHIP of all time, but as we continue to taste more and more delicious chips each year, we find ourselves unable to pick a single best chip, or more accurately, that – single best chip – changes from day to day depending upon our moods, the weather, pretty much anything.  So, after spotting these Tostitos we immediately thought two things 1) since these are made by Frito Lay, could they possibly be as good as Frito Lay’s other salsa verde flavored corn tortilla chips? 2) sorry, but there is no way these could possibly be as good as Doritos version of the flavor, and thus these chips will most likely be reviewed unjustly in comparison to them….oh well, that’s just how the corn chip crumbles.

So, all that being said the seasoning for these chips tastes very, very similar to that of Doritos.  And since we have already described that seasoning previously in written form we are simply going to copy and paste those words: “To start, they are all at once spicy, earthy, salty, vegetal, fresh, tangy, complex, and powerful, yet subtle, and simple!  They ignite each of our senses, and all of our taste buds!  Honestly, they really do taste like they have been sprinkled with a deliciously fresh and spicy, green tomatillo and jalapeno, salsa powder.”  In other words, Tostitos Salsa Verde seasoning is really delicious.  That being said, their tortilla chips, although tasty in their own right, do not compare to Doritos classically light, airy and crispy tortilla chips.

We happily accept Tostitos’ nomination for their variation of salsa verde flavored tortilla chips into the Salsa Verde collection, but they are at the same time too much like the Doritos, but also no where close to being in their league!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at 7-eleven; Hwy. 294, Hinsdale Oasis, Illinois

Tostitos Official Website

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