BIJOU-REVIEW: Doritos Mix – Taco Explosion

Rating: ©©©-1/4 chips  (notable)

Doritos Mix - Taco Explosion4 FLAVORS & 4 SHAPES!!  We weren’t actually aware that Doritos had 4 different flavors…

A few days ago we reviewed Doritos other new flavor from this Mix line of chips – Cheese Explosion.  Apparently, this new line is only available in flavors of Explosion….  For a much more in depth review of this ridiculous new product line, please see that review.

As for this Taco Explosion version, well, it has the exact same shapes as the Cheese Explosion, just different flavor profiles.  Let’s take a quick look at them:

  1. Traditional Doritos triangular corn tortilla chips – Spicy Nacho flavor.  Really, what do we have to say about these?  If you aren’t familiar with these, you aren’t living.  These completely dominate the bag in regards to both flavor and volume.  The other mix pieces just really don’t have a chance.
  2. Doritos Dinamita or Rollitos rolled corn tortilla chips – Taco flavor.  Although the back of the bag simply refers to these as rolled corn tortillas, Doritos has had a couple of different lines with this popular rolled corn shape.  Doritos has also had many, many different Taco flavored chips over the years, and one of those was Doritos Rollitos Zesty Taco!  We’re guessing that they simply made some more of those for this bag.  Same, usual, delicious Doritos Taco seasoning, only we couldn’t really taste much of it, on account of the Spicy Nacho tortilla chips.
  3. 3D triangle – Triforce like corn chip – Salsa flavor.  This shape is not totally unlike Doritos relatively recent JACKED 3D chips.   Full of fried corn flavor, with a nice crunch and mouth texture.  These are probably our favorite shape and flavor from the mix.  We love Salsa flavored Doritos, and these triangles just have a great texture, with loads of corn flavor.
  4. Lastly are Doritos twisted corn chips – Sour Cream flavor.  We thought that this shape looked familiar and it does appear that Frito Lays has put this corn shape out two times before, with two different names – Sabritas Turbos, and Fritos Twists.  We aren’t the biggest fan of this shape.  A little too hard and crunchy, almost dangerous to our teeth and gums.  The sour cream seasoning was subtle, and creamy.  Sort of like Cool Ranch, just not as good.

We always love seeing any new Doritos on the market, and we do appreciate the variant textures of the unique shapes included in the Doritos Mix; but in the end it simply does not work for us.  There is no cohesiveness to this odd group of shapes.  As for the Taco Explosion flavor combination, it does work a bit better than the Cheese Explosion combo, especially when all of the pieces are munched together!

Well, there you have it.  Anyone else out there tried them yet?  Thoughts?  As always we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree.  Let us know.

Chips discovered at Walmart; Countryside, Illinois

Doritos Official Website

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3 thoughts on “BIJOU-REVIEW: Doritos Mix – Taco Explosion

  1. Doritos mix are awesome I think a new favorite there almost as good as the roulette doritos …please bring back the Roulette doritos

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