REVIEW: Mr. Snaki – Maczugi (Ketchup)

Rating: ©©© chips  (Notable)


Okay, so we have tried one other snack from this Mr. Snaki in the past, and we’ll admit that there’s a possibility, just maybe, that we did not do as much research as we probably should have prior to posting.  See, we assumed that Oczaki was the name of the snack flavor – Peanut.  But, as it turns out, with this newest snack we have discovered that Mr. Snaki’s Maczugi does not describe the flavor of Ketchup, but rather translates into the English word “club”.  Which we are assuming is meant to describe the shape of the snack that Mr. Snaki is so angrily charging us with.  Which would mean that the other Mr. Snaki – Oczaki – snack that we have tried actually describes the puff ball eyes…our apologies for any confusion.  We need to sharpen up on our Polish.

First, the positive: It is undeniable that these taste like ketchup.  Sweet, sweet tomato, with the slightest hint of vinegar.  In fact, it is uncanny how much these taste exactly like ketchup (in other words, if you are a ketchup hater like some of us here at Chip Review, don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

As for Mr. Snaki’s crunchy corn clubs, well, they are not as accurately amazing as their seasoning.  These Maczugi are very dense.  For a split second they hint at delivering Cheetos’ light, and airy, and crispy texture, but instead they simply offer a very solid crunch, that then fades into a weirdly heavy, sort of chewy, mouth texture.  They certainly do not melt away like most of the delicious corn crunchies, or puffs, that we enjoy here in the U.S.

So, if you are a big fan of ketchup flavored snacks then you may very well like these, but we’re going to keep searching and see what else this black, furry-face, Mr. Snaki has to offer.

Discovered at Lassak Market & Deli; Willowbrook, IL

Mr. Snaki’s Official Webite

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