REVIEW: Broad Ripple Chip Co. – Sweet & Spicy Potato Chips

Rating: ©©©©© chips  (“A” list)

Broad Ripple Chips - Sweet & SpicyAs if we needed any more reason than the promise of a terrific brunch at Milktooth, or the deliciously spicy iconic shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s Steak House, to make a trek to Indianapolis these days…… Broad Ripple Potato Chip Co. has possibly given the greatest reason of all: some absolutely delicious, 5-chip, “A” list, Sweet & Spicy Potato Chips!

Last year around this same time we reviewed (and very much enjoyed) Broad Ripple Chip Co.’s lip-smacking Original Potato Chips.  We explained to you how the company’s name did not actually reflect the style of potato chip as we had assumed it did, but rather was chosen as a representation of the neighborhood they are from – Broad Ripple Village in Indy.  Sounds like our kind of place!

As for the chips themselves – WOW!!  Seriously, here at Chip Review we eat a lotta-lotta….LOTTA different chips, and while many of them are very good, only a fair share of them are “A” list amazing.  And these chips are just that absolutely “A” LIST!  And yet, at the same time these potato chips taste a little different than most of the others……a little more REAL!  You know what they taste like?  Like hand made potato chips.  Like something your grandmother would have made while you were growing up (only better).  Something that simply cannot be faked, or mass produced, and exemplifies the time and effort and love required to create delicious potato chips of this quality.

Broad Ripple Potato chips are made with Russet Burbank potatoes, and we’re starting to think that they may just be the perfect potato for chipping.  Thick cut, hearty crunch, fried perfectly to a golden brown, exuding a nutty, rich, POTATO-FUL flavor!  To say that we could not stop eating these chips would be the understatement of the year.

As for the Sweet & Spicy seasoning blend, well it is the perfect Yin & Yang flavor combination to compliment the robust potato chips.  The sweet half of the flavor equation almost tastes like honey, and it pairs excellently with the rich potato flavor.  We also tasted light notes of garlic, along with a good scattering of sweet onion flakes.  As for the spicy heat, well, it is certainly no joke.  Like any great spicy seasoning worth it’s weight in chiles, this one gets it’s burn from our most favorite of them all – habanero.  The orange chili pepper delivers a ample sting on the initial crunch, and a delightfully perfect slow burn on the swallow!  Overall, this Sweet & Spicy combo was flawlessly balanced.

On the back of the potato chip bag with the cute little pug on it, Broad Ripple Chip Co. says “every step of the process is done by hand: selection, slicing, seasoning and packaging.  They are made in small batches in pure, heart-healthy canola oil and delivered fresh….We think you’ll agree that these chips are pretty, pretty good.”  Well, sorry Broad Ripple Chip Co., while we certainly do believe in all of steps you take to create these chips, we just cannot agree with your understatement that these chips are pretty, pretty good.  These chips aren’t even remotely close to pretty good, they are absolutely delicious!  Plain and simple, if we taste better chips than these this year, we would be pretty, pretty surprised!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided to Chip Review by Broad Ripple Chip Co. for review

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