REVIEW: Snyder’s of Hanover Sweet and Salty – S’mores Pretzel Pieces

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)

Snyder's - S'mores PiecesShow of hands please – how many of you out there think that these new sweet & salty pretzel pieces sound good?  Or, even more importantly, how many of you out there actually believe that Snyder’s of Hanover could somehow make this pretzel-s’more combination taste delicious?  Crickets…crickets…..crickets…..

Yeah, well we can’t deny that we weren’t in the same exact boat until the first piece graced our lips and wowed our mouths!  In other words, we are beyond thrilled to inform you that Snyder’s of Hanover (SOH) has in fact somehow, some way, knocked these out of the pretzel pieces park!

To be completely honest, we couldn’t have stumbled upon SOH’s S’mores pretzel pieces at a more perfect time.  This review is coming off one of, if not, the worst SOH review (Zesty Ranch 50% Less Fat) of all-time.  Frankly, we sort of thought that Snyder’s of Hanover may have gone off the deep end and decided to pursue less fat, and poor tasting variations of their typically fantastic pretzel pieces.  Luckily SOH has pulled a complete 180 and wowed us with these odd flavored pretzels – who’d a thunk it.

Snyder’s of Hanover is no stranger to the sweet and salty game.  In fact, this is the fourth flavor from their Sweet & Salty series of pretzel pieces that we have reviewed, and we can say with certainty, that it is far and away the tastiest!

To say that these S’mores pretzel pieces really, really surprised us would be an understatement.  We’re going to tell you right off the bat that they do not necessarily taste like s’mores at all.  Nope, not at all.  So, if you are looking for some sort of truly authentic s’mores pretzel snack representation then look elsewhere.  However, if you are alright with eating some deliciously rich, sweet and salty, inauthentic s’mores flavored pretzel pieces then look no further!

What these pieces do taste like is a heavy dose of chocolaty-cocoa mingling with some rich pretzel pieces.  The marshmallow sugary-sweet aspect is pretty darn tasty.  While the experience of eating a campfire roasted marshmallow can obviously not be captured in a pretzel seasoning, we sort of do feel like we were tasting marshmallow mixed in among the chocolate.  But, two out of three main s’mores’ ingredients is all we get.  It’s very apparent that SOH has made no huge attempt at the inclusion of graham with these.  Sure, there is honey in the mix, but graham is a powerful, and very recognizable flavor – so, how the heck can you have s’mores without graham?!  In our books, you can not!  Maybe SOH was thinking that the pretzel pieces themselves were filling that void, but they just don’t quite do it for us.  Who knows, maybe if there had been some graham thrown in this flavor equation these pieces could have been “A” list perfect?!

All that being said, in the end, these are really delicious pretzel pieces.  If you like sweet and salty, and s’mores-y, than you most certainly will like these!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Discovered at Jewel Osco; Westchester, Illinois

Snyder’s of Hanover Official Website

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