REVIEW: Beanfields – Jalapeño Nacho Bean & Rice Chips

Rating: ©©©©-1/2 chips  (lip-smacking)

Beanfields - Jalapeno NachoWe said it before, and we’ll just go ahead and say it again….just when we thought Beanfield’s couldn’t possibly do any better than their lip-smacking Nacho flavored or Ranch flavored bean and rice chips, they go and one-up them both with their most lip-smacking creation to date! Wow!!

We know what you are thinking, “sure Chip Review you are impressed with these bean and rice chips for what they are, but when compared to “regular” chips, they don’t really compare, right?!”  Sure, they are most definitely different, we recognize that, it is impossible not to.  And comparing Beanfield’s to your typical tortilla chips is sort of like comparing apples to, something even healthier than apples, if there is such a thing.  That being said, when it comes down to it, we compare chips to chips!  And these new Jalapeño Nacho Bean & Rice Chips from Beanfields are lip-smacking regardless of their type!

First and foremost, the combination of the jalapeño nacho seasoning, paired with the bean and rice chips delivers some fantastically savory chips!  Throw in a decent dose of slightly vegetal, and even more than slightly spicy jalapeño chili flavors, and Beanfields has made the delicious decision to take their classic nacho chips, and build upon them.

However, once again the most amazing aspect of these chips is that they are completely dairy free!  That’s right, vegan.  Absolutely no dairy, meaning no cheese used in their nacho cheese flavored chips……?!?  Huh, what’s that now?  And yet, these chips taste cheesier than many other cheese dust coated chips!  All at once rich, creamy, tangy, funky, and certainly flavorful!  Seriously, honest to truth, these really taste like there is a deliciously salty layer of creamy nacho cheese coating them!

Plain and simple this seasoning is really, really PACKED full of flavor!!

The bean and rice chips themselves are no joke either.  They remind us a lot of other rice chips we’ve tried (like Riceworks), with a good grainy consistency, but at the same time with a much softer crunch – likely due to the inclusion of beans.  The zesty seasoning adheres perfectly to the chips’ texture, and the triangular cut gives them a traditional tortilla chip presence.

We love these chips!  You have to give them a try if you see them!!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips provided by Beanfields to Chip Review for review

Beanfields Official Website

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