REVIEW: Art’s & Mary’s – Hot ‘N Zesty Jalapeño Home Style Potato Chips

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Art's & Mary's Hot & Zesty JalapenoIt has probably been over a decade ago now since we first, and last, crossed crunchy paths with the legendary – (that’s right legendary, in our books at least, if you’ve tried them, then probably yours as well) – Art’s & Mary’s Hot ‘N Zesty Jalapeño Home Style Potato Chips.  Honestly, we were sort of anxiously worried to taste these chips again.  Maybe our memory from ten years ago isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and A&M’s chips aren’t really that great…  Or, maybe our personal tastes have simply changed so much that chips that we once loved, no longer register as great any longer…

Well, by the good grace of J&V, we here at Chip Review are beyond ecstatic to report that A&M’s Jalapeño chips are not only just as amazingly fantastic as we remember them being a decade ago, but they may in fact be even better!!  It only took the crunch of one chip for us to confirm and re-solidify Art’s & Mary’s position on Chip Review’s Top 5 Jalapeño Flavored Chip of all-time.

Art’s & Mary’s Homestyle, aka Kettle Cooked, Tater Chips are probably the perfect example of what we want in kettle cooked potato chips.  Medium-thickness, really rigid, perfectly crunchy, a tad toothsome, and altogether fantastic.  But, as perfect as the chips themselves are, our most favorite aspect of these chips is the jalapeño seasoning.  And we are not just talking about the chili heat that these deliver, although that they most certainly do!  No, we are also talking about the depth, and complexity, and cohesiveness that this seasoning recipe resonates using a combination of jalapeño, garlic, onion, and citric acid!

We could go on and on about what makes these chips great, but, let’s just say that we looooove them!  They are easily some of our all-time favorites.  If you ever find yourself driving through Doo-Dah, Kansas, we suggest you make a bit stop at the local grocery store and pick yourself up a bag or two of these fantastic chips.  In fact, while you are there grab us a few bags as well please!!

Chips provided to Chip Review by J & V for review

Art’s & Mary’s Official Website

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Art’s & Mary’s – Hot ‘N Zesty Jalapeño Home Style Potato Chips

  1. Could you possibly in the future take picture of the back of the bags so people who are concerned about allergies, nutrition, calories, etc. see this info as well??


    • Toms S. – thanks for the comment. We will take that into consideration. The only problem with that is that we couldn’t go back and add the back label specifics for the thousands of chips that we have already reviewed.

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