REVIEW: Tim’s Cascade Style Special Batch #2 – Coney Island Potato Chips

Rating: ©-3/4 chips  (return to sender)

Tim's - Coney StyleSpecial Batch #2??  Where the heck is Special Batch #1?  Oh… we remember.  We actually reviewed Special Batch #1 – Hawaiian’s Island Lemon Kettle Style Potato Chips (that’s right Hawaiian Kettle Chips is a part of the Tim’s family) – a month or so ago.  Well, to say that we were a lot more impressed with Batch #1 than #2, would be a ginormous understatement!  We had high expectations for both, but while one wowed us with their tart & tangy citrus notes, the other just gave us more corny than Coney!

Many of your out there may not be familiar with Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips, but others of you probably know that Tim’s makes some of the most fantastic “kettle style” potato chips in the entire industry.  Large, thick cut, extra crunchy, filled with loads of delicious potato forward flavor.  Unfortunately, with these latest Coney Island flavored chips, we found it nearly impossible to recognize any of the chips’ fantastic Cascade Style characteristics due to the absurd distraction that was their flavor accuracy.

First things first, we’re assuming that everyone out there understands that by “Coney Island” flavor, Tim’s of course means the infamous Coney Island Dog.  This is made apparent by the caricature of the mustard covered hot dog in the top left corner of the bag.  Which brings us to second things second – what exactly is a Coney Island Dog?

According to most everything we read online, a Coney Island Hot Dog consists of a boiled hot dog topped with a savory meat sauce (or as we like to call it around these parts chili).  It would also include a variety of other topping variations (most dog pics we saw showed chopped raw, white onions along with mustard).  On a side note, for one reason or another these infamous dogs have become associated with Detroit, despite bearing the name of Coney Island.

Which brings us to the real question at hand, or third things third, what the heck does Tim’s honestly think they are are doing with this flavor?  Did they do any research on what a Coney dog consists of?  In our opinion, they most certainly did not!  Honestly, the only thing we tasted was mustard, on maybe half of the chips (seasoning inconsistency issues for sure).  There was no dog, no meat sauce, no onion flavors at all.  The chips should have been named yellow mustard flavor.  Disappointing to say the least.

Tim’s could learn a thing or two from the likes of International Popcorn regarding how to make a great hot dog flavored crunchy snack like their – Jersey Dog Popcorn!

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at World Market; Oakbrook, Illinois

Tim’s Official Website

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One thought on “REVIEW: Tim’s Cascade Style Special Batch #2 – Coney Island Potato Chips

  1. When I saw how poorly Tim’s Chips came out I was shocked. Tim’s Chips have always been a hit wherever I have brought them. I have actually snuck Tim’s chips across the country to my daughters when they were going to college. They missed them terribly. I again did this for my youngest daughter who now lives in France. She tasted a number of east coast chips on your top twenty-five but none caught on like Tim’s. I guess we in the northwest have no ‘chip’ history to compare to the far side of the land, where your mountains are just hills here. But alas, whenever I travel east I will have to look up these apparent superior chips. I will, nonetheless, have a small bag of Tim’s Cascades with me, for medicinal purposes only. Jim Thompson, Seattle, Washington.

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