REVIEW: Popchips Potato Ridges – Tangy Barbeque

Rating: ©©©© chips  (lip-smacking)

popchips-ridges-tany-barbequeOK, we are starting to feel a bit redundant here but Popchips just continues to impress us again, and again, with their Potato Ridges line of potato chips.

Popchips new Tangy Barbeque Potato Ridges are yet another lip-smackingly solid addition to the new-ish line of ridged potato crisps.

It has now become apparent to us here at Chip Review that the unifying element that makes this line of Popchips so great is their potato RIDGES texture.

So as to not have to recreate the descriptive words to describe these chips once again:

The Ridges take Popchips into a tasty terrain that we have never encountered with their chips before – SubstantionalPotatofulLand.  We have always thought of Popchips as light, and airy, and crispy, but these Ridges are hearty, sturdy, crunchy, and packed with lots of potato flavor!  We really like’em.  Same standard shape as traditional potato Popchips, only now those potato Popchips a little bit thick (we think), and they have ridges in them (duh!).

As for the Tangy Barbeque, well it is definitely more tangy than TANGY.  Quite frankly they taste an awful lot like Popchips regular bargeque chips.  Slightly smoky, on the sweeter side, with just a lightest hint of tang.  Nothing unusual, but perfectly eatable.

As always, these are our thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.  Agree or disagree, let us know.

Chips discovered at Walmart; Villa Park, Illinois

Popchips Official Website

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